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Car Insurance Wish List

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In the Chris Knott office recently we were considering whether there were things the industry could do better. We were also contemplating what we as a business could do better.

Being that we're coming to the end of the year and are starting our planning for our new financial year which begins 1st Feb it's a good time to ask this question of you.

It's incredibly important for us to get members' views in all this as we seek to provide the things you want and need. Interactivity is the benefit of being involved with a forum.

Of course, a competitive price is always going to feature highly amongst the responses - we know that and we've responded as the market has softened in recent months. But we're also keen to find out if there are things besides the price that matter to you from a cover or service point of view that would be useful.

We'll look at all your suggestions - some of them we'll be able to arrange straight away, others will take longer to organise, maybe involving insurers, and some will not be possible at all but we'll do all we can to respond to the sensible suggestions.

You can PM me on here or drop us a message on Facebook ( or Twitter (

We look forward to hearing from you but please maintain the helpful, collaborative spirit in which this is intended.
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I once had my car written off at 2am by a drunk whilst I was in bed, I phoned them at that time in the morning and there was a courtesy car with me the same day. That is the type of service that would keep me as a customer.The only thing missing from the courtesy car was a towbar and I assume that many people on this forum have an Antara for towing.
I find the current insurer that I have use a website that I can change details on myself, i.e. change of registration number or even change of vehicle, this is good.
JR123 I have a automatic Antara as I have sever mobility problems getting in and out of small or ordinary family cars it's the hight that helps me, so therefore if I were offered something that is not of the same hight as the Antara then I would be stranded or in a lot more pain than what I am in everyday, so you are precisely right when it comes to courtesy cars on your insurance it should be a like for like situation as you have purchased your type of car for a reason.
I think I would have ti insist for a automatic car that has the same attributes to what I am driving. As for your no claims being protected it should stay that way even though you might not be able to prove who has damaged your car as that is why we pay extra on our insurance ( although it does not work that way) I think UK insurance is a rip off and they seem to do what they want and get away with it, they should listen to the customer and their needs like any other business
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