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Can anyone help ??Weird vibration

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Can anyone help I'm in a 2012 2.2 diesel se model manual
I'm getting a weird vibration through the pedals
Whilst driving at around 40pmh to 60 mph say 1500revs especially in 6th
Gear ..... It isn't constant it comes in every intermitently say 10 seconds or so apart lasting about 2 seconds
Has anyone experienced this or know what it is ? Edited by: Shaunpeacock85
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What mileage has the car done? Is it a 4x4? Could be prop shaft bearing !
It's done 37,000 yes it's 4x4 ???
Is this whilst towing?
No it's under normal driving it's not a real loud vibration or
Something that makes u think oh god something is gonna fall off
Just a niggling metallic vibration that u can feel in peddles ??
Really stumped me asked my mechanic today
He said prop shaft bearings normally last 60,000 miles min
But it's possible but it is very specific rev range in 6th gear

Has anyone else experianced this ?
Ah sorry, thought with this being in the towing section you might be pulling something heavy.
It's hard to help without seeing the car but if it's a metallic rattle noise, just try looking where the pedals are you will see just above the pedals a silver bracket, I think it's a crash protection bar to stop the pedal pushing into your legs if the worst happens, try giving this a tap, twang it like a guitar string is the best way to describe it, you might hear the same noise, the top of this bracket is very close to another metal bracket and they can touch, If you get the same noise just give it a good push around until it stops.
All the above assumed it's just a rattle your trying to cure if you have an actual heavy vibration you can feel through the pedals this is something more mechanical. Still I thought it worth sharing as you never know.
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