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Have (or had) got my new Antara booked in with a local auto electronics specialist to have a rear camera fitted. I like the car but like so many modern cars the rear view visibility is compramised by styling.

I want good visibility for reversing and also good rear view visibility when driving so I came to the conclusion that the money spent would or could be good insurance which may be a lot cheaper than a potential repair (small children low posts etc can be so hard to see and can leave large dents) .

There are a number of options and price variables, I am going for a 7" display which fits over the existing rear view mirror. the unit has two camera inputs and when not powered is used as a normal rear view mirror.

I have (or will be) going for both of the following:-

A single camera automatically enabled for reversing, the Camera is fitted to one side of the tailgate release button and when fitted can hardly be seen and is slightly angled to give good visibility for reversing.

A second camera fitted inside the car looking through the top of the tailgate window adjusted to give good rear visibility for normal driving.

I will be paying £450 inc VAT fitted, a lot of money and there are some cheeper options regarding cameras and companies who fit them, I have used the same company before and know they are a quality outfit and know they would sort any issue out if any problems were encountered.

Unknown to me the Antara is fitted with some sort of cloaking device which makes it totally invisible when entering an island, the prat who ran into my rear told me "you wern't there" when I looked! and i had to point out "I was there" when you didn't look!!! you prat. the rear of my nice less the 600 miles Antara is now undergoing repair and unfortunatly the day I had booked for camera installation had to be put back.

Will let you know how good or bad the system is once installed...Blacksmith
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