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Hi can anyone tell me if my 2009 antara seauto is cambelt driven or chain its a 2lt diesel as its got80000 on the clock can't see anything in service book to say thats its been changed or if the auto box oil needs changing too as i will be towing a caravan soon
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The facelift 2.2 Family Z diesel has chain driven double overhead camshafts. Don't know about the 2 litre.
It does have a cam belt due at 72,000M I think. I can check when I'm back home next week. I got mine done last year at a Vauxhall dealer for £320.00 from memory.

Thanks Andy thats not not a bad price will have to book it in and get done
My local Vauxhall dealer quoted 60k or 6 years on my 2007 Antara 2.o diesel.

The cost for replacing is £331.80 Inc Parts, Labour & VAT. However, if you were to sign up to Masterfit Service Club via the link below, you will be eligible for 25% discount & a one-off £25 Voucher that can be used against the repairs. The Service Club is completely free for you to join.
This is a great deal and the Service club is free to subscribe, well worth doing.
Does anyone know if its prudent to have the water pump replaced at same time , or not really necessary?
I would advise on changing the water pump while it's in bits.
I did mine at the weekend.

Timing belt, tensioners, water pump and ancillary belt.

Parts were £200 for genuine OE.

I was quoted £360 labour with little guarantee so I bought the alignment tool and did it myself.

It's very involved but do-able. Took me 10 hours. If I wasto do it again I reckon I could push to 8 hours.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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