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Hi, Does anyone know where the pollen filter is hidden. I have 2012 antara (62 plate) exclusive model.On my previous Vauxhalls I have found it and cleaned dust, particles from it every few months.
Since having Antara. Seems a item that isn't found easily.
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Hi,check this one out:

Best regards
Thanks guys very much appreciated, knowledge is a wonderful thing, just need to check what type of oil filter I have now
Go on the same web-page, rexbo, select your vehicle and you will see the oil filters, with OEM codes.
Is the cabin filter behind the glove box?? if so, is it easy to remove. My Antara was previously owned by a smoker, I've managed to pretty much clear the smell and I think replacing the cabin filter is the final step.

The link above just seems to download a jpg file!
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