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Buy Breakdown Cover online with Chris Knott

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Buy Breakdown Cover online with Chris Knott for just £59.50

If you're looking for UK Breakdown Cover you can now get a quote and buy online at

It's a quick way to get a quote and arrange cover without going through the phone system.

Chris Knott's UK Breakdown covers HomeStart, Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Overnight Stay, Onward Travel, 24hr Hire Car, Relief Driver and Message Relay.

Other scenarios included as standard: lack of fuel, flat batteries, lost/broken keys and accidental tyre damage.

Cover for a single vehicle is just £59.50 but we can quote for upto 3 vehicles online.

If you have more than 3 vehicles to cover you'll still need to phone us on 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477.

Full details of our cover:


Of course, you're still welcome to call us for cover instead if you prefer.

best regards,
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Sore point at the moment as I'm currently in dispute with them.
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With the breakdown people? Have we got involved with it for you to get a resolution?
Yes breakdown people. Still under investigation.
If we can help you please do make contact.
FOR THE RECORD. This dispute is between myself and the breakdown company and not Chris Knott.
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