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brake guide bolts

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Does anyone know where I would be able to buy a set of guide bolts for the front caliper on my 2008 Antara. I snapped one of the bolts that go through the piston part of the caliper into the guide bolt sleeve, and have since bought what I thought was a complete replacement kit from my local Vauxhall dealer but this turned out to be just the snapped bolt I require but no guide bolts. Vauxhall also want £18 + VAT for these guide bolts but this is rather expensive. I have come across a website " who do a complete kit of everything for about £19 + delivery but I am wary of this site due to not being able to contact anyone there. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Yeah have had a look on eurocarparts but can't find the kit on there.
I think Buycarparts area site that contacts breakers yards.

I think with a brake part, I would go with the VX part. If you need your brakes at 70mph,its a bit late to find a defective part/bolt.
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