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Bluefin chip

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Hi, I posted this on the end of someone else thread and though i should start afresh!

<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">I have just taken delivery of my new SE Nav 163ps today and am very pleased with it so far (about 6 hours ownership and 40 mins drive time!). I have already been reading up on the Bluefin chip but my only concern is voiding any sort of warranty. Will I have to revert back to the original mapping before i take the antara for its first service?
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<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">The biggest reason for having it chipped or remapped is for better mpg.
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<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Many thanks in advance cliff
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Hi clifftoff and welcome. I bought my race chip off another member but have removed it as Antara is going through a lot of regens. I am currently testing to see if it's is actually the race chip or the Ant itself. As I received the race chip 2nd hand, it may not be at the correct setting. Also due for service April.
With a 163 I would personally look at a Thorney remap as they take the 163 and 184 up to the same power which is good for the 163 as you've paid a grand less. Also Thorney claim to cover your warranty.
clifftoff said:
...The biggest reason for having it chipped or remapped is for better mpg.
Well I'm afraid you will not be that successful. There is not a huge difference, the main advantages are greater Power and Torque with the potential to save a tankful of fuel over the whole year, but that will nevertheless depend on your driving too!

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Thanks for your reply, i managed to track down your post regarding the Bluefin which made for some interesting reading! I will sit and ponder!
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