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Been quoted more than £200?

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Great news for this forum's members - the insurers on our panel are hungry for your business at the moment. They're backing us as we exploit our special car club/forum members scheme to quote what we need to in order to win your business (as long as you fit our usual criteria).

On Friday night we'd already reached 35% of this month's target in just the first 4 working days of the month!

Here's feedback posted on our Facebook page on Friday alone:

"A great company who care and find the best policies to suit you! Can't recommend them highly enough." Ray Fitchett, Facebook

"Great deal for our car insurance - thanks." Helen Pengelly, Facebook

"Great service from Chris Knott Insurance. Been with them for years and highly recommended, always gets the best car insurance for me." Willie McBey, Facebook

"It is a good indication of the level of service I received last year, when I have not even looked at any other provider and will be renewing with Chris Knott next week. First rate service plus unbeatable value - it's kind of unusual this day and age." Peter Robinson, Facebook

"Thanks for a great price on my car insurance!" Shirley McGreal, Facebook

To find out how much you could save with Chris Knott, please call us on 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477 and mention this forum to receive the full benefit.


PS. Please LIKE us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to access our light-hearted look at motoring and insurance news, Chris Knott competitions and our latest money-savings offers.
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Wow, what a great response to our 'quoted more than £200?' post above - thank you to all those who've asked us to quote so far.

As a broker we're the offline version of price comparison websites - and we often beat their rates by assessing you as an individual. Why not give us a call even if you normally prefer to get your quotes online? Give us the chance to help you save some money.

These guys have benefited from picking up the phone in the last few days:


"All credit where due. I PM'd Nick my number, got a call shortly thereafter and got a quote that well and truly beat the best I'd found, so well done." drmw, Mercedes-Benz Owners forum

"I've just insured our 3 cars with Chris Knott and they saved me nearly £200 on the Aviva renewal figure. More importantly the service was great. Spoke to a lady called Kathy and she was really helpful. Worth a try!" weefossy, New Mini Scotland forum

"Well I phoned Chris Knott Insurance. My renewal [elsewhere] was £602 (lot more expensive than last year) down to £335. So very happy. Cheers." marksimy72,

"Spoke to Kim about getting a quote for my ST before the weekend who was extremely polite and very easy to talk to on the phone and also listened to everything I had to say and gave a very good price, with Europe cover for 90days, handy as off to Eurodisney soon... ...Not like some companies who seem to just try and get a quote out as quick as possible while not listening." Chiffs, Focus ST Owners Club

"@Chris_Knott_Ins thanks for the cheap cover! Much better policy and £150 cheaper than anywhere else." @Rich_UTM, Twitter
(Please follow us on Twitter -

and then this came in on Facebook overnight:

"Had to comment on the always excellent service from Chris Knott, you insure all 4 of my Volvo's, (from Classic to relatively modern), and always the best price and service. In fact for the most recent purchases I haven't even bothered getting other quotes - I know you'll be the best! Special thanks to Rebecca who has done the last 2 cars for me - brilliant service and always a pleasure to deal with on the phone. Keep up the good work - and thanks again." Graeme Aiken, Facebook
(Please LIKE us on Facebook -


We really enjoy our jobs, trying to help car club/forum members get the best deal :)

If your renewal is due soon please call us on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum to get the full benefit (01424 200477 for mobiles).


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Hi, just to let you know I'm away for a couple of weeks so I won't be able to reply to posts or PMs but I'll be back on 18/8.

In the meantime, please continue to call us for quotes. We've had a brilliant July and it's all down to car club/forum members like you picking up the phone.

Online v Phone
We know many of you like to get your quotes online but we're able to beat the price comparison sites if we can talk to you - we get a better feel for you over the phone and we can ask different questions to manually decide whether you're a good risk to take on and at what price. This benefits you far more than a simple "computer says yes, computer says no" scenario.

Pick up the phone and ask us to quote (Tel: 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477) - you'll be glad you did when we beat your best quote (which we currently do for almost 50% of all callers).

Multi-car households
If you have multi-car policies with the likes of Admiral, we can compete with these too. Those companies typically only have their own products to sell. We have access to a whole range of insurers and can pick the most appropriate one for each individual vehicle but still give you the benefit of a single renewal date and a single point of contact - call Chris Knott Insurance for your quote today.

Past experience
It may be that you've asked us to quote in the past and we weren't able to help. If that's the case it's definitely worth calling us again when your renewal falls due. With postcode relaxations and changes to driver age requirements in the last 12 months there's a good chance that we've dealt with whatever was preventing us from winning your business last time. And if price was the issue, please don't miss out on this one thing - we currently have insurers queuing up at our door for good, clean, car club/forum member drivers and they'll support us in doing whatever it takes to win the right cases.

You all know what insurance is like. Today's low rates may start to rise again tomorrow. Let's both make hay while the sun shines!

Give us a call on 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477 and mention this forum to see how much we can save you.

See you in a couple of weeks.

best regards,


More feedback found this week...

"CK have pulled out all of the stops to give me a great price this year! Well made up!" Ryan-H, R32 Owners Club

"I would also recommend you speak to Chris Knott for other types of insurance too. I recently moved my House Insurance and saved over £900 :) - with my car insurance that's £1400 I've saved this year by moving over." NeRo,

"Just want to say a huge thanks for the service you guys have provided so far. The exhaust mod has been added free of charge. Really pleased with how you operate." raymondbowon,

"Very impressed with the service and for beating my renewal quote by a healthy margin. Also insured my Favorit through yourselves as the policy was £200 cheaper than anywhere else! I'm very impressed and hopefully I will keep using you guys in future. Thanks." pierst1,

"Another new customer here, they saved me about £85 on the renewal price, happy days...." fabmar, FiestaST OC
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