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Hi everyone.. just joined this site after purchasing a 2008 2.0 cdti Antara. So far very happy with purchase. I know this topic has been mentioned before and apologise in advance if I'm repeating other questions already. My vauxhall dealer advised me to search online to find codes to turn on the on board computer to which I have search and search and read loads of questions and comments on here regarding this, tho still not seeing an answer to the question. My dealer says he will turn it on if FOC if I get the the codes needed but I just can't see them. Can anyone please help? I apologise again if the answer is already out there but I honestly can't see it. Appreciate all help thanks
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Welcome to the forum, have a look in the ICE and ELECTRONICS TOPIC you will probably find answers there
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Hi, think you have missed rest of your message. Thanks
My error it has now shown full message thank you
the code you need is on the read out program either by using op-com or the dealers tech2, once he gets into infotainment screen he will see the code, usually set to 001, bc off, he should then reprogram it to 002, bc on.. hope that helps. you wont find any codes on the net, it needs to go onto a diagnostic scanner to program it
Hi all anyone know where in south wales i can get bc activated on 2014 exclusive
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