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awd upgrade

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hiI`m writing to this site from Sweden so excause my spelling.
I wonder if anyone knows about any upgrade on the awd-system? An upgrade that makes the awd quicker to respond. Faster to engage.
Mine is a my 2007 3.2v6. I`ve heard that some changes were made for the awd when the facelift came.

I am very satisfied with my Antara. I have been driving Opels since 1989. And i think Opels are great value för the money.

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Hello Adam,Your spelling is very good apart from "excuse"! I do not know even one word of Swedish.
The following video shows how sophisticated the Haldex system is :
As you can see there is a software package in there. Only a GM dealer could reprogramme the system even if it were possible. In theory, it should be possible to use a simple electrical switch to engage the hydraulic control unit but you would have to know what you were doing. In my experience with a Renault RX4 in snow the system works almost instantly on demand. I have yet to experience snow in my Antara but if last year's snowy Scottish winter recurs (global warming
) I shall soon have that enjoyment. Last year heavy snow fell on December 1st 2012. How many litres per hundred kilometres do you get with your petrol V6 ?
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Hi drivingmad.Does the antara have Haldex? If it is haldex, wich generation is it?I thougt gm used an own system.
I haven`t tried the awd more than on wet grass yet. Just to see that it works. I bought the car in may2013.
The snow hasn`t fallen here yet, even tough its november. So i look forward to the first snowfall. I don`t think i`m gonna dribble with the system myself. Just read somewhere that an gm garage can make the system "tighter". What i can understand that improvement was made when the antara was facelifted. But i have no proof for that theory.
I had a Frontera b 3.2v6 before the antara so it will be interesting to compare the two different systems.
Before i bought the antara i read a lot of test. And in many test they complained that the system was slow to engage. Especially between front and rear wheels. But probably i will be satisfied with the awd system. As long as all wheels are on the ground it works. Compared to the frontera that could have one or more wheels in the air and still move forward. The awd on the antara is not suitable for terrain use but surely will work sufficiently for daily driving on slippery roads and in a little snow.

My antara needs/drinks 1.4liters per 10kilometers. Quite thirsty.But that includes cold starts and city driving. And it`s an automatic. On long trips it drinks under 1Liter. About the same as my old frontera.
Have you had any problems with rost on your tailgate? It seem to be one modelrelated problem. I needed to have mine repainted.

Marcus from Sundsvall in the middle of Sweden.
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Hello Adam0I am assuming it is a Haldex system as I know of no other like it. Haldex, a Swedish company, now owned by Borg Warner has the market cornered for cars like the Land Rover Freelander, Ford Kuga, various AWD Volvos, VW/Skodas (Yeti)etc. I am assuming since it is used on the Insignia it will be used on the Antara. There is an article on Wikipedia from which I copy an extract below. I would guess it would be Third Generation. You are averaging 28mpg out of town - some folk on this forum get that with auto diesels! Suggest you wait for the snow before you FIDDLE with the system (NOT dribble!). It will work well. Best wishes.
<h3>First generation - 1998[edit]The Haldex Coupling made its first appearance in the Audi TT and VW Golf with an electronically controlled hydraulic-mechanical All-Wheel-Drive concept. This system attempts to engage the rear wheels when the front wheels start to slip.<sup id="cite_ref-haldex-xwd.com_4-0" ="reference">[4]</sup></h3><h3>Second generation - 2001[edit]The second generation of Haldex coupling is an electronically controlled permanent 4x4 system with a Haldex differential calculating how much drive should be directed to the rear wheels. The Haldex system automatically distributes power between the front and rear wheels depending on slippage, but normally sends 95% of the power to the front wheels.<sup id="cite_ref-5" ="reference">[5]</sup><sup id="cite_ref-6" ="reference">[6]</sup></h3><h3>Third generation - 2006[edit]The third generation of Haldex coupling made its appearance on the newly re-designed Land Rover Freelander 2 (LR2 in the United States). With enhanced capabilities, it is aimed at providing a more immediate off road response. <sup id="cite_ref-7" ="reference">[7]</sup>This generation of Haldex coupling is later shared with Volvo's complete lineup (Manufactured 2005-2008, depending on model) and is called "Instant Traction" in documentation by Volvo.<sup id="cite_ref-8" ="reference">[8]</sup></h3><h3>Fourth generation - 2007[edit]Saab introduced a combination of Haldex Couplings on its 9-3 Turbo-X in late 2007, called XWD (Cross-Wheel Drive).<sup id="cite_ref-haldex-xwd.com_4-1" ="reference">[4]</sup>Fifth generation[edit]On 16 April 2009 Haldex announced a deal worth SEK4.5B (approx US$530M) to provide Volkswagen with a new AWD system for the company's new modular platform due in 2012.<sup id="cite_ref-9" ="reference">[9]</sup> The GenV AWD coupling, now distributed by BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems, features a new design aimed at reducing vehicle complexity and simplifying integration into the drivetrain. A new electro-hydraulic clutch actuator uses a centrifugal overflow valve design aimed at accurately distributing power between the front and rear axles, and eliminating the need for an accumulator, solenoid valve and filter. It also employes an integrated electronic control unit.<sup id="cite_ref-10" ="reference">[10]</sup></h3>
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Hi drivingmad.I also thought it was haldex. But i haven`t found any proof for that. I have read a lot of test and info but never seen anything about what system it is.
I think i`m going to contact Opel direct. Hopefully they can answer.

An other question you might can answer? If i want to buy carparts from Uk do you have tips on a good site to order from?
I need a towbar and new front shocks.

I don't think you could source suspension components from the UK as your V6 has never been imported and would not figure on aftermarket websites. You could try say they deliver to Sweden for £17.95 by DHL and claim to "supply any part for any car". You could put them to the test by emailing them.As for the towbar, the carriage of this would be expensive because of the weight. Ask on the towing section of this forum if anyone can help.
Thank. i`ll check that site out. Often the parts from countries in the Eu is cheeper even tough i have to pay for shipping. Also Usa is cheeper. We have 25% tax insweden.Doesn`t uk have the v6?
I really like the smooth drive of the v6.

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