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AWD light on/off

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Hi allThis is a bit long winded, but please bear with me.
I have had my 2007 SE for 5 years with very little issue, but a few months ago I had a leak from the awd system. This was repaired, new pipelines etc and all was well.

Recently I have noticed that the AWD light is coming on for quite some time, then goes off, then comes back on etc etc.

I have had it back to the garage several times who have checked it over and say all is ok.........but they cannot re-set the fault unless I take it to them when the light is on?........................I cant make the light come on, it just does it when it feels like it I think (to piss me off)

Has anyone experienced similar? could it be a faulty sensor? where is the sensor?
any info would be appreciated

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AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Illuminates in yellow when ignition is
switched on.

If it flashes during driving, the AWD system
is temporarily disabled.

If it illuminates, there is a fault in the
system. Consult a workshop as soon as

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Ok by looking at the manual it seems like everything is ok,

All Wheel Drive control indicator
When the ignition is switched on,
control indicator B illuminates for approx.
4 seconds. The system is ready for
operation when the control indicator

If the control indicator flashes during
driving, All Wheel Drive is temporarily

If it flashes briefly then extinguishes, this is
normal and does not indicate a fault.

If the control indicator flashes
continuously, there is a fault in the system.
Consult a workshop as soon as possible.

Manual can be found here:


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Hi Topper

I also have an Antara 2007 SE and am getting the same problem. I've read the manual and don't believe it to be normal as indicated by other posts and is also very annoying.

Have you had a resolution?
From what your saying its a simular problem to what i had on my Ant. Mine is just over two years old and when i took it to the garage it turned out to be a ABS sensor. Basically the ABS and AWD are intergrated so if one goes the other bits go. It took my garage a month to fix the problem as had to wait for the new part to be shipped from south Korea.

Get your garage to look at the ABS sensors, it might just need a clean as there is usually a build up of brake dust which can stop them working properly.
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Thanks MrAntara12, I'll give that a go and post reply either way
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I had same problem on my 57se turned out to be ABS sensor ,
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ydlab said:
Asked garage to clean sensors and not had an issue since
I think I pretty much have the same issue. I have these lights on Amber: ABS, ACS & ESP. The AWD Light is on a blinking Amber. My question is this: can I clean these sensors myself? how easy difficult would that be for someone who has no experience? Is it just a case of jet washing the wheels?
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Yep same lights as i had ,
it turned out to be o/s/f ABS sensor .
Hi people, yep, exactly the same lights appeared yesterday for me! Looks like my sensor on rear nearside wheel. I took the car to Vauxhall yesterday and they printed these for me showing the codes it flagged up...

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Sorry for the separate posts and not sure why they're on their side? Lol... Dodd thing is the lights have now gone off on their own so its rather sporadically!
I had the same problem last year, with two of your faults. Tried cleaning the sensors, but the fault code was still present.

Had my local garage take a look and they advised changing the ABS sensor rimg/ hub. Cost about £190, but all faults clread and not had an issue since.
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