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Antara Workshop Manual

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Does anyone know where i can get a free workshop manual for 2007 Antara?
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If you're talking about a Haynes manual, there isn't one. Not enough sold to justify them putting one into print.
You might find some manuals available on Ebay for a small price, but not sure what models they are for or whether you are really getting a proper workshop manual.
ok anyone know how i remove the rear spoiler?
enquisiter said:
ok anyone know how i remove the rear spoiler?
If its an Irmscher one then its bonded onto the boot lid. Its similar to silicone sealer.
No its the stock spoiler that came on 2007 Antara

from memory you need to unbolt from inside the tailgate.

first remove the bottom Grey/black section of trim there are 2 trim fixings surrounding the lock catch, and a screw inside the handle. the trim will then just pull off. the easiest way is to slide your fingers in by the wiper motor and pull outwards. then you need to remove the lighter part surrounding the top of the tailgate. this is simply a case of gently pulling it .

hope this helps
Great thanks just wanted to check it did unbolt as the one corner lifts up, i guess the plastic mount has snapped off, will have to remove and see if i can re-glue the plastic mount point.

I assume the rear tailgate chrome trim that has the badging on it also unbolts from inside ?

Many thanks.
i removed the 3 screws as described but the trim does not want to move!! Is there any catches as it is stuck fast and dont want to force it?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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