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Antara tales

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Hi all,

Indulge me! Having just ordered my new Antara, I would like to hear some positive Antara tales! I am fed up with hearing about DPF, who has dared to take theirs off road? Has anyone been anywhere a bit dicey, and found that they were glad to have been in an Antara? taken it abroad?

Looking forward to your stories and my own adventures in mine when I get it!

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Last year drove from Glossop in Debyshire to Koblenz in Germany. 601 miles over 12 hours and did not have a single issue. Averaged 37 mpg with an overnight stay in Bruge.

Used to live just outside Koblenz and although not fully off road, did drive it through country dirt tracks without a single issue.
Blimey, that is a fair old trek, I bet you needed a good sleep after that?! Have you got built-in nav that got you there without issue?
Not been abroad with it yet, went to download festival and my front windscreen got a massive chip on it I was gutted, then went to Yorkshire on holiday to a cottage just outside Whitby ( daughter wanted to go on holiday with the Dog) plenty space in boot for a large Rottweiler and medium case, the car was great up these massive hills it was fun, the car is great to drive you have a good driving position and so comfortable plenty inlets for you to have a wee portable DVD player for the wee one plus he will be so safe, in the summer the duel control aircon was great, it's a great motorway muncher excellerates like a dream but turn off the Eco for the extra torque you'll notice the difference, just have fun in your car and enjoy it with your family in the summer.
I have a '58' S edition, so no Sat Nav and the one on that age Antara is bobbins. Have always used Navigon as it is on my iphone and connected through bluetooth with a aftermarket Bury handfree kit.

Much neater than a parrot unit and the third car I have fitted this unit, latest version works perfectly with the bury app
it is a pity that rear dvds are not an option, the kids would love that. We have got one of the personal fold up ones with a car kit though, so that will do, it there a 12v socket in the back?

Chip in the windscreen eh? Did you get it done? Wouldnt want to have to buy a new screen as I bet they are a fortune!

I quite fancy a go on one of those off road courses, I know it isnt a serious off roader, but i am sure it would cope! Is there an indication that it is in AWD mode, or does it just 'happen'?
Drove ours down to the Med and back round trip 2400 miles towing caravan and didn't miss a beat, so no worries on distance journeys. Then about 400 miles whilst down there, on the beach most days, towed a few people out who got stuck on the sand. So 4wd system works brilliantly.
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Fantastic! Nice one Iain, that is a trip and a half! Did you give it a good ragging in the sand, I'd love to do a load of fig 8's on a deserted beach...summers coming!
just noticed, I have gone from 'newbie' to 'groupie' !!
Yes a few nice 4wheel drifts, and ploughing through soft sand next to ze mostly germans stuck in the sand :). Does it all auotomatically only indications where sometimes tcs lights on when playing and wheels spinning.

Think the big merc and beemer can power through but just watched there rear wheels sink., earned my beer chits most days :) tow rope and tow hitch on back and Zwei mal gross beirs bitte :)
The windscreen got fixed with that stuff they put on it, but it was touch and go because it was a really big chip you cannot see it from those outside but you can from the inside, I was really gutted it was one of those big bloody trucks that done it, their is a 12v in the front were the cubby hole for the cups are plus a USB slot I got a really big memory stick (32gb) and put all my music on it saves you taking all your CDs with you, their is another 12v in the back were the kids are, and I think there is one in the boot ( will soon be told different)
The SATNAV has never let me down apart from I hate the women's voice lol
As for one of these course's I would love it but I would not want to scratch my lovely white car, I would use hubby's Captiva but he would kill me, lol my husband notices the difference with the 19 inch wheels as he has the 17 inch ones he also feels that the Antara is a firmer drive than the Captiva more response through the steering, I like that two, you won't be disappointed.
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Phil S said:
just noticed, I have gone from 'newbie' to 'groupie' !!
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Seeing as you mentioned Whitby,i go there quite often from Halifax and over the moors from Pickering and there are some pretty steep inclines but the Antara has no problems towing the caravan up and down them.
JR123 said:
Not been over the water in, but done London and back a fair few times, a couple in the same day, never missed a beat and good economy, circa 40mpg.

Start to think about extras, can recommend mud flaps all round and side bars to finish the car off.

What are you boys like
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Yeah, I like the look of side steps!
cadds said:
Seeing as you mentioned Whitby,i go there quite often from Halifax and over the moors from Pickering and there are some pretty steep inclines but the Antara has no problems towing the caravan up and down them.
I don't want to upset you but I have never towed a caravan I hate them sorry
but they inclines were fun
thought you were coming to the end of the earth then wham strait down as if you were going off a cliff, my daughter loved it, but I have to admit a couple times I didn't
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Phil is your automatic I forgot .
Talking about Antara tales when I got mine and got it home I could not stop looking at it, then at night time I watched it until well after midnight ( we have cameras around our house ) I was stalking my own car lol
Yep, auto. I really wanted the light grey interior, and the one in the showroom as well as the demo had it, but with the kids I think it would have been a mistake, which is a shame cos it looks so lovely. I think the charcoal leather will stand up better in the long run.
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