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Just this moment I have received aRECALL letter from VAUXHALL for my Antara 2.2ltr ,184BHP 4x4

picked the car up May 2013.

Suprise surprise they have found a fault with the ELECTRICAL COOLING FANS MODULE AND THESOFTWARE HAS TO BE UPDATED.

This is after I broke down in August due to overheating and had to wait 8hrs for RAC to recover my family .me and a caravanfrom a layby 80 miles from home.

I have seen on the forum others have caught fire and others had over heating, hope this info helps

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I have had no probs since all new modules were installed but I will take it in just in case there is another update,
I'm booked in for Friday, hopefully it wont go supernova prior to that..
I have the same letter job should take up to 2 hrs need to book it in .
hiall is this recall just on the 2.2 antara or older models too
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My car is May 2013 so 6/7 months old
Same letter for me too. Exclusive FWD. Registered in May 2013
You will soon know you just lose all power and bells start ringing,A/C stops working and you come to a stop
Hope you don't get probs
Same letter for me too, build date late January 13, registered mid April. Will book it in next week.
Just opened the letter, car was delivered to me on 10th May 2013. Need to contact dealer on Monday and get it booked in
Same letter, came yesterday afternoon. Mine was registered August 2013
For all who are booking their cars in for the recall,make sure you get a completion time
Because when mine went In to be replaced and fixed they had the car for 9 days
Excuse was that parts had to come from Germany.this was in August 2013 before Vauxhall admitted there was a fault in the cooling fan module.
Hi all,did everyone that got the letters drive the 184bhp version? I drive the 163bhp model, but no recall, and I just had the yearly service work one month ago.
I have the 163 diamond, picked up on September 1st registered 2013, letter arrived this morning.
Got my 184 sat 4x4 booked in for Thursday
even though had new
Modules etc replaced in August 2013
No letter for me yet.
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I know this sounds like I'm teaching anyone how to suck eggs
But when my Antara went supanova you could have fried an egg
On that fan module,
So if you haven't got a letter ring your dealer ASAP for peace of mind
I have seen the newspaper clips of the Antara that went up in flames.
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1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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