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Antara rear suspension noise

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My Antara SE has just completed 2500 miles and it is a smoth and quiet ride. However over the last two weeks when turning into the road to my house and onto my drive I am geting a one off clunk from the rear. Driving over speed bumps or potholes there is no noise. The garage have checked it out and can not find any fault.

Has onyone else experienced anything similar please?
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Mine had clunking on front turned out to be bearing at top of front shocker strut
I have been monitoring the noise and it only happens whenI turn sharp right or left at the same road junction, and there is standing water. If the road is dry nothing.
Did you ever get to the bottom of this noise, I swear I hear the same sort of clunk when turning hard at low speed some times.
Might sound an obvious question, are you sure there is nothing loose in the boot area?
Thanks for the suggestion and I had thought of that and made sure nothing was loose. The noise is just one clunk, turning hard left for me and feels like from the left rear, I had a Freelander previously and this had a habit of scrubbing the rear tyre when turning hard because the 4 wheel drive system would kick in due to a speed difference between front and back wheels, I thought it might be something similar so was hoping nearly70 might have found the cause.
It does not happen now, I think it was the 4wd kicking in on a wet road and slippery white lines when turning.
nearly70 said:
It does not happen now, I think it was the 4wd kicking in on a wet road and slippery white lines when turning.
Glad it has cleared, I would still go back to VX and explain what you think it is as that should not happen when 4wd kicks in.
The delearship is aware and have this logged. They have also checked that nothing is lose.
It will be interesting to hear if the noise returns if and when the weather ever dries up.
Just joined site today, I had a tapping in the rear and after removing everything out of the boot, strapping up seat belts and removing security cover, it was still there. Got my son in back and went for drive he said the noise was low in corner on o/s/r. So removed lift up cover and the large plastic storage box. Thought I had found the problem at first as wiring loom was up against the deep storage pockets, so put some sponge round these at both sides. The noise was still there on another run, the noise was alot clearer now. After feeling around in the holes in the rear panel, I pulled out a large plastic trim that was loose from the rear of the wheel well. I checked the n/s/r and that was the same. I had to remove the deep storage boxes in the rear to refit the plastic trims (with the added security of a bit of silicone) noise now gone. 6 months old but do not trust dealers with trim.
Interesting result with the trim and I agree about not letting the dealers loose on trim issues .... 🔨🚘
Had to take car in to dealer where purchased last September for a new drivers seat cover. They managed to damage every bit of plastic on the seat, the sill cover, the cover between the doors and the door panel. All which have now been replaced. I could have done less damage taking seat out with a JCB. But it took while January to get car back to new.
how do you remove the pocket and trim i need to investigate a rear suspension noise 2012 2.2antara
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