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morning all.
ordered 2.2 auto jan 6th get it may16 th so nearly there.allways had 4x4s but first antara.

anybody tow caravan with one if so do they need running in first some say yes some say no

advice welcome.

thanks silverfox
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Most opinion have heard for several years say no to running in. I remember speaking to an AA man a few years ago and he said the best engines on nearly new cars were in hire cars, because they tended to be driven hard across the whole rev range. The worst thing for some reason he said was sitting at the same revs all the time. I don't know why though.

I tow a Swift Challenger sport with mine and it tows very well, I'm sure you will find it a great tow car when you get it.

Says dont push it for the first 1,000 miles in the hand book and most of todays engines are "run in" in the factory these days.
I think the "don't push it" referes mostly to the braking system. It takes a while for the brakes to get bedded in.
The hire cars might have the best run in engines but I bet the rest of the car is abused! I would imagine things like the DPF will be well cleared out though.
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