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Antara IPhone Cradle

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Does anyone know if there is a iPhone 5S cradle for the Antara ?

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Had a look on vauxhall web site never seen anything try fleabay
I bought a generic 'clamp' type which fits in the air vent. My 5s is then fed into the Aux socket via a 3mm jack. Total cost Two Pounds! I found the same clamp and a window arm pack in B&M at £3.99..

Cheap, horrible but functional!

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Hi, I don't think there is one produced. I badgered the local Vauxhall dealer for weeks to get one, to no avail. Luckily, I had my old iPhone 4 hanging around doing nothing, so I put my sim in that and used that instead. I put a PAYG sim in my iPhone 5Hope this helps
Hi Danny,Sorry, but Vauxhall don't list it as an option. I use my old iPhone 4s and leave it in the car. I just put a pay & go sim in it and told my contacts that if they needed me, and I wasn't on my mobile, then use the car phone number instead. Not the ideal fix, but it works for me. Very short sighted of Vauxhall if you ask me though. All the best.

You can get a Brodit Proclip frm DSL Developments for the Antara which fits to the left of the stereo
without causing any damage to the trim ( no holes drilled etc ), and to that you can attach a Phone specific holder ...

I posted some Photographs of my iPhone 5 in another message here :

Just a shame that Vauxhall's Touch & Connect software on my supposedly "new" 2014 Antara,
is not compatible with my not so new ( 2012 ) iPhone 5, and Vauxhall have no idea when it will be !

Even more of a shame - when I tried plugging it in to the Cigar Lighter socket with a USB adapter,
so I could least maintain a power supply to the iPhone while listening to the music on it via Bluetooth,
to find that the Power socket id dead ! - Fuses checked out OK, so now waiitng for the my local dealer to replace the power socket with a new one under warranty !
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Hi Coconut,how does the Brodit Proclip fit,Chris.
Using a Gap Opener tool ( supplied with the mount - plastic so it doesn't damage anything ),
it is inserted into the gap between the edge of he stereo and the surround,
to open up the panels allowing the edges of the custom designed Pro-Clip to slot into the gap,
with another part of the Pro-Clip that also fits into the gap on the side of the centre console under the glove box.

There are two "3M" type adhesive strips that hold everything nice and firm,
but I haven't used them as it holds quite well for what I need without them.

Better description and Photo's here :
Thanks for the info Coconut.
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