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Antara First Impressions

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Hello folks,Further to my recent posts I have taken delivery of my new Exclusive 4x4 and have covered 200 miles at approx 37.5mpg. I am well pleased. Only two grumps (sorry!) a) too much road noise like most cars on our primitive road surfaces (though minor compared with the top of the range Jeep Compass Limited I sampled) b) no spare wheel or jack. I'm not happy about the snow-plough air dam either, though a cursory inspection would suggest the lower valance can be removed.
I like the solid construction, the value, the drive, the visibility, the engine, the seat, the seating position and controls. It feels great and gives the impression it will run indefinitely. The Opel/Vauxhall 2.2 diesel is a cracker. Made for work, it is a tad noisy compared with PSA's,and there is a little vibration at tickover, but this is a real diesel which will probably take about 20K miles to be run in.
Thanks to all for replying to my initial post and keep those posts coming!
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I don't think the road noise is bad at all considering the size & profile of the tyres.
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Depend on a) the road b) your standards.
Check and drop your tyre pressures if they are set to Eco.

On my SE with 19" alloys anything above 35 is unbearable over bumps and rough roads. To be honest I didn't notice any mpg benefit.

It's amazing the difference a few pounds makes to the drivability of the car.
vexorg said:
What should the tyres pressures be, I've seen people mention eco for tyres
That depends on the model. They have different sizes of tyres.

Check out the manual. And check the forum out we have talked about this before on hereEdited by: Grumps
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