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Antara fan form China Shanghai

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Hey everyone:I'm from Shanghai China.
I'm getting Antara June.8.2013,It's 2.4L 6AT '13 front wheel drive.Really pleased.Hopefully I will become an active member of this forum as well.
Thank you!

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Hi and welcome,like the colour and shark fin ariel.
Hi and welcome like the shark fin arial I think it should be put on the car compulsory looks good, hope to hear your views on the car
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Aye a big welcome dude. They a friendly helpful lot on here.
Hi and welcome to the forum, I too like the arial! oooo think 'll change mine
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Thank you!everyone

Becauseantara in China of less than 40000, it's a very small groups, so I'm in GOOGLE search"antara", I thinkmaybe can find out about"antara" Webpage or forum.
I did it!

I think I will learn a lot about the knowledge ofantara in here.
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Hi and welcome to the forum
. Did you fit the arial yourself? If you did how hard was it?
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Hi welcome to the forum, hope you are enjoying your antara
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This shark fin arialinstallation is very simple, please look at the picture. I think you will also know how to install.It signals on the road is very good, but in the underground or tunnel is no signal
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Oh txh yeah looks easy but for me its more aesthetics than its functionality, i listen music from cd's:D
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