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Antara failed injectors

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first timer here!!
I own a Antara SE Nav 4 x 4 , on a 62 plate. its been running fine until 2 weeks ago the injectors failed 100 miles from home, driving at normal speed and suddenly huge black cloud from the exhaust it clattered to a halt and basically that's we're our nice weekend in the Cotswolds ended.
on relay truck back to a Crawley dealer

after a week of nothing the dealer finally said that the injectors had failed and it was covered under warranty , hoorah its not terminal I thought !
however yesterday the DPF light came on( I now know what this is after reading these forums) then a moment later the reduced engine power and water in the diesel pump lights came on. I stopped the car , restarted it and now it seems fine, but of course I'm very wary now that something else is going to go wrong particularly as its travelling across France in a few weeks.
I've reported it to the dealer but wondered if any one else has experienced problems like this and should I be concerned over these lights coming on yesterday?
also the fan is constantly running on after turning engine off, I think this is something to do with the Regeneration cycle of the DPF?
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Welcome to the forum JTF, the fan running on is usually a sign of a failed regen as to the rest sorry cant help there
Thanks Murphy 1, does a failed regen matter or will it just try again at another time ?
It will keep trying to do a regen until a full one is done. Best thing to do is get it on the motorway and keep revs above 2000 rpm. Should clear in around 10 miles. Hope this helps.
My fan does that 2 I took it to the garage and they said all 2012 antaras do that. It's just cooling down. Mine only last about 30 seconds
Yep I done that it worked but just for about 50 miles. I had to again. I'm just waisting money what I tend to do is drive 60 mph in 3rd gear. That normal last me 3 weeks.
They are programmed to do a regen every 520 miles ish, the fan running after stop is a sign of failed regen, if it fails several times you will get amber light, looks like cloud of smoke on dash and 3 bings, that's when it HAS to be completed, I normally jump on motorway, keep it in 5th with revs above 2000, should take 10 mins ish, then ok for another 520 ish. If it occurs more often, most common fault is sensors before and after DPF from what I can gather off this forum, hope this helps
Thank you cheers ill get back to u on that one if this problem occurs again
I've always wondered why the fan stays on intermittently and I've come to the conclusion that it could be due to the turbo, rather like a turbo timer it keeps the water/oil running through the turbo to cool it down to a low temperature so it doesn't kill it when you turn it off.
Hi, I took my car to vauxhall they got an engineer to look at it. They said its a common problem its because of the new laws that came out in 2012 about the emissions. He said its the diesel cars over 2.0L that are having trouble. Vauxhall then said they will trade it in with a new vauxhall next week.But the recommend getting a petrol or a diesel under 2.0L I will keep u informed on what I get.
My fan stays on for about 1-2 mins after switching off when the air con is on but only when the direction knob is on the floor/facia setting.
My injectors also went- 2 weeks before a trip around france!

With a mileage of around 20,000 I had the same experience, bangs, blue smoke and after 300 metres no forward motion!

The RAC man had no idea what it was and the dealer was also mistified.
Eventually they discovered 2 blocked injectors and had them re-bored.

I picked up the car and then noticed a rattling at between 1600-2000 rpm
(think valve clatter - but I understand technology has consigned that to the scrap heap)

I returned to the dealer yet because the car must be hot to rattle, nothing was heard - until I was on my way home again!

I then ignored it (the radio can be quite loud) and travelled 2,620 miles round France
The only problem was consumption - 24.6mpg
The previous year, when new, the same trip returned 27mpg

In respect of the fan, post driving, I also get this.
I also has a regen after 100 miles of completing 2,600m of fast autorout driving (why?)
My next regen was in 300 miles
The next was requested 200 miles later - I ignored it and the computer actually stopped demanding it! As I live many miles from any road on which going over 40 is legal, regen's are an expensive pain.

So you are not alone yet the car still does what it's meant to and at a fraction of the price I previously paid for 2 new BMW X5's - i just have more noise at mid-speed that I would like.
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hi my 62 plate Vauxhall antara has not started first time it has taken two or three goes to start I wait until all dash lights are off then turn the ignition any answers as to what may be causing this
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