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Another self repair?

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All the time I've had the car, about 10 weeks or so, I've used the parking sensors front and back with no problems but the button light has always stayed off, I thought this was normal.

Today I drove out close to a hedge and the front sensors went through the usual stages on to a continuous tone but the tone stayed on after the hazard, and still on down the road at 30 mph, I noticed the light had come on the button.

I tried switching the button off, no change, I stopped, turned of the engine, waited and restarted and the tone was still on.

A little later it went off, now it all seems OK again but the difference is the light on the button comes on when the sensors are being used, checking the manual and much to my amazement, this actually seems correct.

Most odd, this is the third little glitch that has mysteriously fixed itself...there must be secret Vauxhall nanobots roaming the circuits..
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Have to keep the sensors clean. A wet leaf, dirt alsorts can fool them
Hey, good colour choice, same as me.

OK, I suppose I'll have to wash it again, but it's not that dirty, checked for leaves, nothing..
This is most noticeable when it have to keep the sensors clear or you get that annoying continous tone !!!
It's more the light on the button that intrigued me, it used to work with the light off, now (since it's funny moment) it works with the light on.

Not a problem as such, I don't care if the light is on or off so long as it works, it's just that I thought it was broken and then discovered that it's not broken, it's un-broken.

It fixed itself again..
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