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ANother nice design flaw form vauxhall

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Came out to the car after half an hour and the outside temperature is sitting at 19 degrees. The temperature sensor got replaced 2 weeks ago, so it shouldn't be faulty yet. It must be mounted somewhere the heat builds up from the engine.

They got it right with the older cars, the cavalier/calibra has it under the front bumper. Antara was designed by buffoons I think.

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I get a few degrees difference. But it settles once I start driving.
A few other members including myself have had this problem but I wouldn't say it was a design flaw it's either a sensor fault or if your sensor has been replaced it will be a software issue.

In nearly 2 years of owning my Antara it's happened 4-5 times.
:) never had that problem, had it the other way twice where it was reading a minus temp on a summers day.
My initial thought was "how can it be faulty again!", but didn't want to come across too negative.
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It seems that the Ice Warning when it's actually warm outside is common, it's as if there is some kind of calibration going on. Mine did the same and temp slowly moved from -0.5 back up to actual temp when I drove over the next mile or 2.. Strange stuff..
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