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Another newbie :-)

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Hi all, I took delivery of my 2010 2.0 CDTI SE Antara last week and love it! I have owned Vauxhalls for the last 15 years starting with a Cavalier, then a Vectra, 2 Zafiras and I have wanted one of these for a while but with the top spec model being out of my price range I saw this one in gleaming metallic Black and only a few years old for a 3rd of its new price I knew it had to be mine :)
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Hi and welcome.
Welcome, only had my Antara a few weeks now and I love it. Keep looking for excuses to 'nip out' just to drive it!
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I know the feeling Baz, no longer walk down to the corner shop to pick up a loaf of bread haha, trip down to the supermarket now haha. Still trying to find all the gadgets this thing is loaded with, bet I havent even scratched the surface!! I do like the toys! I have been reading the threads on side steps, I recon my Daughter will deffo benefit with the use of them, she is falling in and out of it most of the times. Vauxhall wanted a grand for them, but looking at ebay £180 seams about average, just concerned about getting the right ones to fit
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Hi and welcome
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