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Another clutch problem

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I wonder if i could get a bit of feedback from you guys,
I purchased a 57 plate 2.0 se diesel last month and 2 weeks ago i was driving home and heard a noise that scared me , i thought the engine was going to blow up , called the AA and they thought the gearbox had gone.
Got it recovered to dealers and found out it was the duel mass flywheel/clutch.
They said not to worry gave me a courtesy car and said they would call when done,
two weeks later "it`s ready for you to collect sir "
upon collecting it i said it wasn`t right ...... now before the problem the clutch pedal bite was ok about half way up,
now it bites right at the bottom and they tell me that that is the correct place for it to bite ???? i tried it for a couple of days and took it back they rechecked it and bled the system which made no difference and said they checked it against another one they had in the workshop and it was the same, and the bite is where it should be.
I`m not so sure i still think it is to low.
so looking for a bit of feedback before i go and have a another moan at them or not
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