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Another boring DPF thread -sorry

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OK so i know this has already been done to death .BUT ...
Ever since i have my Antarra in Feb 2013 i have had issues with the DPF .
Once the light came on and took a 30 min drive in 3rd gear to clear it
On many occasions when i finish a journey it has a burning smell and the fan comes on for a few minutes .Does this mean that my PF is trying to regenerate and ive interrupted the cycle when this happens ?
Or can i simply ignore this and just wait till the light comes on and then do the hard drive at > 2.5k rpm to try and clear it ?
Indeed even if i take it on a long motorway journey and keep it over 2,5 k rpm i still can get the same problem of burning smell and DPF
Dealer tells this is due to DPF trying to regenerate and despite 4 visits they have found no error codes and Vauxhall Customer service deny there is any issue .
So is there any way to prevent the DPF trying to regenerate -ive tried dropping down a gear on all my journeys to keep it working at > 2k rpm -but then i get about 20-25 mpg
Has anyone had a DPF fail and got Vauxhall to cover the cost ?
My best man who is also my lawyer reckons with all the documented problems with DPF ,that a claim would win in court .
i think i'm now going to sell it at a big loss and buy a petrol car -i need a 4/4 where i live -so probably a Scoobie .
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As far as I know there is no way to prevent a DPF regeneration.
If your DPF is healthy, you should be getting in excess of 500 miles between regens. I get about 520 onaverage. Do you have any idea how many miles you are getting between regens?

I've never had the light come on, butif it does, that means you have had several failed attempts at a regen.

The burning smell and the fan onare definitelyindicators of a regen in progress when the ignition was turned off.

There are owners on this forum who only get interested in a regen when the light comes on, so it shouldn't be a problem as long as you complete a regen when the light comes on. I prefer to complete a regen when it happens, but this is not always possible. My experience is the regen will complete the next time I drive the car. If yours is not doing this it may be a fault or you are not driving for long enough to complete a normal regen.

I'm pretty sure there have been people on here who have had parts of the DPF system replaced and then found the system works as it should. I think the problem tends to be with the pressure sensors.

Unless you have very deep pockets, I would have thought the legal route is a non-starter.

If your driving habits are such that you are never completing a regen, then maybe a diesel is not for you. There are some nice petrol 4X4s out there, and the MPG on them is getting pretty close to that of the diesels. Hope things work out for you.
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Yet another member of the McGrump clan. As Inchindown says there is no way to prevent a regen, apart from having the dpf removed and remapped, which will result in a mot failure and possibly loss of lifetime warranty. Welcome to the forum
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OK -sorry to bore you again ....i'm just trying get some clarity here
So i presume when the car has a burning smell and the fan runs after turn off the engine -is indicative that its trying to regenerate .
So the key question is how do i know while i'm actually driving that the regeneration process is ongoing -so i can finish off the process and take a detour -inconvenient as that might be
I tend to get the process of the fan coming on after turning off the engine on a weekly basis even if i then go and try and finish off the regeneration process with a longer journey in high revs .
So i'm kind of lost the best of way of driving the Antarra to ensure the max distance of regen process .
i drive to work about 25 miles round trip but its 30-40mph with some stops along the way -and then once a week i do a round trip of 40 miles with longer stretches of 40-50 mph . It seems to me unless you are doing regular long Mway journeys at 60-70 and hold it in 4th ,then this car is not fit for purpose .
Part of me thinks i should run the guantlet and hope that Vauxhall do the right thing and replace it under goodwill -or take a 7k hit after 18 months now and get rig of it and buy and petrol .
Having said that i know friends who have Kias who have DPFs and do shorter journeys than me in high gear and low revs who havent noticed any problem .
Is the best way of driving to always keep in lower gear and rev it at >2k rpm on my routine run to work and back ,or drive it in higher gear at < 2k rpm .To be honest im totally perplexed as to how to proceed.
Any clear guidance on these issues would be very welcome
Thanks in anticipation .
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To know when it is doing a regen check your instant mpg on your BC it will drop drastically, when you are idling it will go from 0.1 gallons/hour to round about 0.7-0.9 gallons/hour.
There are no rules for driving while doing a regen, drive at 2k rpm in the highest gear possible without breaking the speed limit. I normally carry on driving until the regen is completed.
Some frustration there grumpyoldfart!
I've only had mine just over two weeks now, almostdone about1k & one definitive "standard" regen.
A standard regen for me is not a warning light regen, but where I happen tonotice it running in the background.
My previous experience has been withvarious SEAT diesels so I wasn't phased by running another dpf, but both doseem pretty similar in how they work.

With my Antara my mpg dropped right off, usual commute I return about 45mpg on the way in, during the regen it was down at 26mpg. Others have mentioned on here that the Instantaneous mpg on the trip computer will also be very low, indeed I see 999mpgpop-up during my drive, but on this regen occasion it didn't generally get above 50 - 60mpg.
When I made it to work the heat from engine was very noticeable & the fan ran for up to 30seconds after switch-off, which makes sense to me.
On my return commute it remained as above until I managed to sit above 2000rpm for just over 10mins, then I noticed that the instant mpg read-out hit big figures & 999 a couple of times & my regular average mpg returned to normal.
I reset the trip meter (the odometer one) & shall monitor frequency for the next noted standard regen.

Generally I drive with low revs & high gear as much as possible;

M'way try to cruise at 60mph (a short commute) - 6th Gear at 1600rpm.
Homeward Main Road - 40mph - 6th Gear at 1100rpm
30mph roads between 4th & 5th depending on road profile.

Does not appear to increase the frequency of a regen, not yet anyway.

Personally I'd stick with it for a while & try not tostress over a regen, if push came to shove the warning lamp would come on, then you know you must do a regen drive promptly. Until then build your confidence in recognising a"standard regen" & if it is convenient do a regen drive, if not I would feel comfortable waiting for your next trip & get one in then.

Hope helps in any way.

Best of luck,
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I am as confused as you are grumpyoldfart I only had my car a few days when I noticed the fans running on and a smell of overheating, I took it back to the garage and they said it was normal in the hot weather.

No mention of the taboo subject of the dpf surprise surprise!!

I wonder if they have any idea or do they just never talk about it,funnily enough not one of the seven salesmen I spoke to when I was looking for my car even breathed a word about it.

Wish I had joined the forum first!!!!
Just back from a 450 mile trip from Norwich, stopped at services and noticed the fan running on again. I jumped back in the car and drove for 25 miles in 4th gear at 3000 revs, job done, I assume that I have just carried out my first regen???
My only concern is that no lights came on on the dash so how was I to know it needed to be done? Other than reading on here about the fan.Edited by: vauxhallbitz
Hi, Yes that's normal for a regen. The light will only come on when several regens have not been fully completed. It is often accompanied with a burning smell and the fan running on,when switched off - that's normal. It will reduce your fuel mpg and range quicker than normal. When you take your foot of the gas, normally you get 999.9 mpg - this will not happen when your car is having a regen. All the above is normal.
So i finally decided today -enough is enough- and went to see the manager of Arnold Clark Vauxhall in Dundee ,who was very up front and fair with me and admitted there is indeed an issue with DPFs and also said that i really should have been initially counseled about how i was proposing to use my new Antarra -ie to see if a Diesel was going to be suitable for me .
So i just did a straight swap out for my car [i bought it new in Feb 2013 ] and a 2012 Honda CRV iVTEC ES with all the toys ,20k miles one owner ,he also gave me 4 new tyres ,2 years extra warranty ,2 years service and MOT plan incl a full service before it goes out and 6 mo tax .Cant say fairer than eh .No more DPF woes for me and looking at Which survey this car should give me no hassle . I can live with low 30s mpg as i only do 8k pa and thats no worse than im getting with my Antarra .
So a big thumbs up to Arnold Clark for doing the right thing and being a responsible dealer .Another happy customer and i would definitely go back there again just not for another Vauxhall -ive already bought 2 Kia Sportages from them from them in the past .
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So you got a car which is a year older 20k miles well all the best I still love my Antara and as far as I am concerned I will just drive it on its short journeys as I enjoy my car
Agree the Antarra is lovely motor and if Vauxhall would warranty the DPF then i would have kept it as its good value . As it stands the DPF is a real pain as far as i'm concerned and i have already wasted too much time and just want something which doesn't have the same hassle or potential future problems . Anyway I really hope you have more luck than i did with your Antarra and i wish you all the best with it and happy driving .
Does the DPF regen warning light come on with all the other dashboard lights when you turn the ignition on?

On my car this is the only one that does not light at switch on. I only ask in case the light is not working and I would not get a prompt that a regen is required.
It should light up with all the other lights.
Thanks for that, my light does not work at all, that might explain a few things!
vauxhallbitz said:
Does the DPF regen warning light come on with all the other dashboard lights when you turn the ignition on?

On my car this is the only one that does not light at switch on. I only ask in case the light is not working and I would not get a prompt that a regen is required.
The purpose of the DPF warning light is not to prompt you that a regen is required. It only comes on during normal driving if the car has failed to complete several attempts to run a regen cycle.

Normal regens are done in the background, and the only indications of it are the MPG figures will drop and if one is running when you turn the engine off, the fan will run on at full speed for sometime and there may be a smell of burning.

(Note; The fan running on should not be confused with the Air Con compressor running on for a few seconds after you stop the car.)
yes mineilluminatesduring start-up checks & switches off with the rest before ignition.
Its truly shameful that Vauxhall customer service isn't admitting to DPF problems -if every unhappy owner posted on the Vauxhall facebook site then they might start to take notice .
That is a good idea who will be first?

I was back at Arnold Clark Glenrothes today to book the car in for the ongoing air con fault and spoke to a salesman who admitted he had DPF problems with two Antaras he had driven.

It would appear that if they don't mention it there is no problem.

Not good enough really and it is ruining the reputation of an otherwise brilliant car.
If your happy with the deal, then that's all that matters. I know that in the motorcycle world, Honda have one of the best names for reliability. Good luck.
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