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Took my 57 Plate 2L SE Auto with 88k on the clockin for new front pads yesterday and as I'm a member of the service club they carried out a free Health Check!! Mid afternoon received an email with health report attached and a video clip showing the mechanic carrying out the check and the areas of concern!!! To remedy all areas of concern including the advisories would have cost £2900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a car that has been Vauxhall maintained from day one including its last service 8 months ago. The biggest single item was thereplacement of the sealed power steer racked which was leaking fluid at a cost of £1500. This apparently would more likely or not be a MOT fail.

So the decision was should I chuck at least £2k at the Antara or call it quits and replace the car? Well I obviously haven't learned my lesson and have just part exchanged it for another Antara - a 61 plate 2012 SE 2.2 184bhp Auto with 23k on the clock!!!! I used the £2k as deposit and got a good part ex on the old caras it was the end of the month.

Still not sure it was the best choice but I do like driving the Antara and it pulls the van a dream so fingers crossed - at least I have a 3 years warranty as part of the deal.
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