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Accessing Info from Onboard Computer.

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My Antara is the 163 Exclusive.I was a bit unhappy that there is no temperature gauge as this would have been useful when towing my caravan, however there is a solution

Look at the general area around the radio controls. Press the button marked " SETTINGS " and hold it in until your hear a bleep type sound. Then press the button marked " BC " twice and this will take you into the computer diagnostic screens. Press BC again and move onto the next screen and keep doing this and you will work through the screens

You can see engine coolant temperature ( mine runs at 80/81 degrees )and other info. One screen shows how many milli litres per second of diesel is being injected into the engine.

Its quite interesting if you like that sort of thing, and as you can tell, I do
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HaHa..Nice one. Will have to try it now!
How long did you have to hold the 'Select' button for?
My " Settings " button needs to be held in forbetween 5 and10 seconds

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It's an AWDExclusivewith no sat nav with CD30 music system
I have the clarion unit in place of the cd30 the bc doesn't work any ideas
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