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A-Sure Head unit.

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Can anyone tell me how I can change the left thumb wheel on my steering wheel from searching radio frequencies. As everyone I access the on board trip, it changes radio frequency when I don't want it to. Never done iit previously.
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Has this just happend after fitting the A sure unit?
Off Road Doc said:
Has this just happend after fitting the A sure unit?
I've had the A-Sure fitted since Xmas. It's just that this morning while accessing the BC via the left thumb wherl with the radio function, I noticed that it was changing frequency with every turn of the thumb wheel. It's just that I can't recall it ever doing that. Is your A-sure the same when listening to the radio and accessing the BC via thumb wheel?
Just had the new A Sure head unit delivered only to find no instructions,could anyone tell me if there are any pitfalls when fitting this unit.

just noticed a note on the unit about connecting the parking cable to B- or there will be no picture display ? whats that all about ?

Where does the Gps antenna need to be sited ?

any help would be appreciated
Which Unit did you get??

1. you will need to disconnect old unit with prongs provided.

2. Detach glove box by unscrewing six screws, 3 on the top as you open glove box and 3 below just above passenger footwell. Pull gently.

3. Detach connection to interior glovebox light and connection at back of glovebox.

4. Connect new cables I.e. to existing wiring harness and aerial The big block can be wedged into the right hand side space at back of area where unit goes, whilst canbus box goes to the left space and drop it into space below.

5. Feed the wires you require from space where you have taken glove box out, if you want iPod and USB cable into right hand space where there is a gap which will eventually lead into space where unit goes. You can also feed cable of GPS antenna here also.

6. I then positioned the GPS aerial where it would not affect the deployment of airbag and found a metallic space right under the area of the dash. BUT YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU FIX IT. This is my own choice and selection is your own decision.

7. Once your hapoy position unit into space and connect power plug from canbus box, and check if all is working. If so. Great. I then taped all wires together unless your going to use something else.

8. Carefully ease unit into position. It might take a few goes due to extra cabling, so be gentle.

9. Fix screws, Attach glove box, the acessory cables should fit through a hole in the top right of glove box.

Any problems, let me know.
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Thanks for that Chingster,very helpful, that's this afternoons job

Will be in touch later when completed

Thank very much
Got the new A Sure head unit fitted, as you said bit of a tight spot for cables but fitted without any drama.

Radio,CD and DVD all fine but cant get Sat Nav to work just not programming ,when going into the installation set up it shows all the files on the SD card, not sure what to do next have you had any problems ?

Think Iwill have to contact A Sure
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I never had to do any set up, just put the sd card into the sat nav slot, select the sat nav and the map installs on its own and away you go !!
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