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a little problem with my 2013 antara

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Were to start. Flashing EPS lights four wheel drive lights flashing ABS flashing phoned local vauxhall dealer .quote (don't worry sir if the lights don't flash red it's just a damp fault can you bring it in. No service cars for 2 weeks ) . Went to Birmingham and back. Went to Manchester and back . lights still on and off. Finally had enough went in to the dealer waited for 2 hours. Sorry for the wait sir but the car is unsafe to drive the wiring loom has corroded a serious [email protected]#$#@$ REALLY.this was on the 3rd of December. You can imagine the conversation we had. Not very pleased they had to hire me a car l would not have the usual corsa crap. Got in touch with vauxhall uk made a complaint still waiting for my car they can't locate a part. Still on the bright side got a top of the range Mokka to play with. Looking after Christmas for my car to come back. Off to Cornwall for Christmas let's hope it's snows merry Christmas
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