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A list of bulb types for 2014 Antara ?

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Thought I'd make up a spare bulb kit with winter approaching,
but on checking my Owner's Manual,
it doesn't actually say what all the different bulb types are

To make matters worse, the Owner's Handbook I have been provided with, ( 11/2013 ),
WRONGLY describes the method for removing the bulbs from the rear light cluster,
saying that after removing the bulb holder from the light fitting,
the bulb should then be turned anti clockwise and removed

That procedure is for the "ordinary" bayonet type fitting, but on my Antara,
they all look like the "Capless" type, so presumably just pull out !

So what I could do with, is a list of all the different bulb types that are fitted on the latest model,
to save me taking every light fitting apart, and also whether anyone knows if there is an updated
Owners Manual, with correct instructions in it ( including how to change the Front Fog light bulb,
which again differs from the method described my Owners Manual ).


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you can try this link:

it's pretty accurate.
Thanks tdejan, unfortunately that site doesn't help,
as it does not list the latest Model Antara -
e.g. The latest model it refers to has the bayonet type bulbs
In the rear light cluster, whereas the ones fitted on my car
all seem to be Capless push in types !

Looks like I have no alternative than to dismantle each fitting,
and try to get all the bulbs out to see what type they are !

What a farce - I have NEVER known of an Owners handbook
that does not provide a list of the fitted bulbs,
and have never experienced such an unhelpful Customer Services department either !

#Annoyed with Vauxhall !

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try this website
Thanks bobbyt, but again - Nope !
Specifying the year as 2014 for the Antara,
their Web Site lists standard bayonet type bulbs for the back lights,
and not the Capless type that are actually fitted !

Anyone else - while I wait for a reply from the email I sent to Mr. Tozer ?

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OK, it seems that Vauxhall have made it extremely difficult to obtain the information !

Vauxhall Customer Services ( On line ) could not provide me with a list of Bulb types,
and referred me to my local dealer .....

My local dealer could not provide me with a list of bulb types, only Vauxhall part numbers,
so I referred the question to the office of the UK Director Mr. Tim Tozer, .....
His office could not provide the information either !

In addition to this ludicrous situation, it also seems that the latest Antara Owner's handbook,
has instructions in it for replacing bulbs that are fitted in previous models,
and while the car, light fittings and bulbs have been updated ( 2012 facelift ),
the Owner's Handbook has NOT, so if you follow those instructions,
all you will achieve is a load of broken bulbs or fittings !

After grovelling around with the car, and after a lot of head scratching and Googling,
I've come up with my own list - it looks like Vauxhall have decided to use as many different bulb types as possible !

I hope that some other unfortunate Antara owner will find the list to be useful,
in the event that their bulbs are the same as mine !

HEADLAMP : High Intensity Discharge ( HID ) Type : D1S - 12V / 35W


FRONT POSITION / SIDE LAMP : 12V / 5W Capless Type : W5W / 501

FRONT INDICATOR : 12V / 21W Amber - Offset bayonet pin. Type : PY21W / 581 / BAU15S

SIDE REPEATER : 12V / 5W Capless Amber. Type : WY5W / 501A

REAR INDICATOR : 12V / 27W PCB Wedge Base. Type : 3156

STOP / TAIL : 12V / 5W Capless Wedge. Type : 580 / 380

TAIL ( Secondary ) : Same as STOP / TAIL but only uses the 5W filament !

REAR FOG : 12V / 21W Halogen, Offset bayonet pin. Type : 433D / BAY9S

REVERSE : 12V / 16W Capless Wedge. Type : 955 / 921B

Registration ( VRM ) Plate : 12V 10W Festoon. 38mm x 11mm. Type : 272

INTERIOR / READING LAMPS : Front = 12V / 7.5 W Capless. Type : ?
Rear = 12V / 10 W Capless. Type : WB36 / P921C

CARGO LAMP : 12V / 5W Capless. Type : W5W / 501
( See Front Position / Side Lamp )

FRONT FOOTWELL LAMP : 12V LED Unit. Type : Amber 00702 / GP 12
Vauxhall Part Number : 95241663C14x

Hope you find this useful !

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Nice one well done and thanks for taking the time to post this up
Yip thanks for posting I have made it a sticky.
Could try this from the club discount section ,they do a spare bulb kit.
The whole idea was NOT to buy a Vauxhall Spare Bulb kit, as I already had some bulbs from my previous car, I just wanted to know what type of bulbs were fitted, so I knew which ones I already had, and which ones I needed to get.

Thanks for trying, although as you can see from all the Photo's I've posted, this is all sorted now

Looking at the link you posted, it doesn't actually help much -
their Bulb kit has 5 "of the most commonly used bulbs" - but doesn't say what type they are !

Looking at the Photo, not many ( maybe only 1 or 2 ) will be the same as the ones actually fitted in the car !

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Been loaded with a stomach bug all week, so not driven the car. So went ot yesterday and both sidelights had blown. man alive what a lot faffing about to replace, not forgetting those cheap plastic horrible plugs that hold the grill in place that do not unscrew.

The trick for undoing those clips is to try and gently unscrew them
but without exerting any downwards pressure onto them,
then as they start to unscrew, try and get a fingernail or tool
under the head of the screw to ease them up and out of the clip.

Compared to some other cars, getting at the side lamp and headlamp bulbs is quite easy,
e.g. my mate has a Jaguar X-Type and to change a headlamp bulb the wing has to come off !

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They really really annoyed me. Going to see if their is anything better on the market to replace them.

I have just replaced my front side light bulbs with LED, what a difference, they look more modernand much brighter. you could use as day lights. and also went ahead and changed the front for light bulbs. also with LED from china, very nice now.
How do you get into the indicator side repeaters?
sorry I cant tell you , don't know, but I will look into it , they usually just pop out, or just remover the inner plastic wheel arch cover and you should be able to access the rear of the bulb holder.
I have a 62 reg 4wd exclusiv and the rear indicator bulb is puzzling me. I ordered 2 - P3156 from ebay and whilst they almost fit they are not quite right. What was delivered from ebay was P3156A wedge type, single filament 27watt coloured amber. What is fitted to to my car is double filament amber. My wife was passing near Arnold Clark today so I gave her the sample bulb to get a replacement. She returned empty handed with a story that this is not what they normally fit and would need to order it - price £8 instead of 2 for £4 of the P3156. I am puzzled why an indicator bulb is double filament. Has anybody got experience of rear indicator bulbs?
The rear indicator bulbs on mine are twin filament P27/7W wedge base model 3757 NAK amber bulbs like the pic. It's a long life bulb. But it's puzzling how the front indicator bulbs are just single filament 21 Watt type 581bulbs.
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Good find mate, let us know if they work OK
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