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Oh dear, it's a bummer when something like that happens. I downloaded a seemingly clean piece of software from 'CNET' which used to be a safe download site but, now they include advertising spyware in all of their legitimate downloads!

Once you have authorised the program to run, no AV software will flag anything as you have already given the installation program the go ahead by clicking OK or RUN.

It can be fixed but it takes a bit of time. You've already done a registry edit so now I'd take it a bit further.

Here is an example of one route that I recently took. You may have your own preferred methods of course!

Uninstall software using control panel.
Edit registry to find traces of software and delete.
Google symptoms to find any additional hints about affected registry keys/ folders and execute.
Check 'RUN' and 'RunOnce' registry keys to find what is called when Windows Starts.
Run MSCONFIG from the Command Line to check start-up sequence.
Use CCleaner to remove all Internet History and temporary files.
Enter Safe-Mode and run a full Anti-Spyware scan.
Roll back to last known safe point using system restore.
Anti-spyware scan using SPYWAREBLASTER and Norton in safe mode after restore.
Re-check registry.
Run windows normally.

There's a few hours of your life gone eh!?

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