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2nd service

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Excuse me folks I just want a rant!!!!. I took a service package out when I bought my Antara two years ago. I had a call last week telling me that me second service is due. Now I know that they have to be done for the lifetime warranty, but my car has very low mileage on it. When it goes in for the service it will have approx. 6300 miles on the clock. I know it states, 20,000 or 2 years which ever comes first, but I think a bit of lee way on cars with such low mileage could be in order. Even if they said the second service has to be done with in 18 months of the 1st service if youare below a certain number of miles.

having spoken to the service manager about it, he agrees off the record but his hands are tied. At this rate my 3 year service plan will be used up on three services, when I would probably just done enough miles on it to warrant one service.

I bought an automatic, because I have dodgy legs and I was finding using a clutch difficult. And after test driving a lot of bigger cars I opted for the Antara, because I enjoyed driving it the most. And I must admit the lifetime warranty did help sway me, obviously doing very low mileage in theory the car should last me a while or until I get bored of it.

Its a great car, very easy to drive, even the missus likes driving it. I wouldn't hesitate it to recommend other drivers, but this issue has really got my back up.
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I can understand your frustration, but from an engineering point of view i can see why this must be done.

On aircraft it was the same hours used or periodic date servicing, we used to find more problems on the low hours aircraft from leaking seals and degradation of fluids.

If the service manager is sympathetic have a word see if any chance of an extra year or reduced price service plan extension, worst they can say is no.
Renault amongst others have a variable service intervals depending on your average mileage, in your case you would only need to service your vehicle every 18k or 2yrs, however you do not get a lifetime warranty with a Renault.
However as stated above have a word with the dealership they may be able to help if you believe you may have been mis sold the service plan, however you did sign up to a 3yr service plan and that's what it does pays for the first 3yr services, I personally think all these plans are a rip off and should be avoided like the plague.
My husband and I agree with Swindon they are rip offs
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