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20k service - mostly disappointing

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You know, I just knew this would happen. I must play the Lotto this weekend.

Booked the car in for 20k service a week ago. No courtesy cars available nor could they do a pick up. OK service please. Fan recall, ECU re map, fix seat motor that broke after 2 weeks and re-programme the auto lights function so it works as per the handbok.

No problem Sir, but there is no ECU upgrade.

OK whatever.

Dropped it off today (copy and paste section from above here as to what I told reception)

That's fine Sir, we'll do all that and call you when it's done.

Ring ring (that's my phone) All done Sir, ready for you.

I arrive. All done is it. Yes Sir. Service - yes, lights, yes Sir, fan recall, absolutely Sir, seat motor... Seat motor... Err no. We've had to order that. Could you come back Monday and leave it all day? No. When will the part be here? We don't know. Well then not much point coming Monday is there?

I'll bring your car round Sir.

Tum tee tum tee tum, ahh here it is. Oh where's the Lady from reception? She can't reach the pedals Sir, the seat won't move. No sh*t?

I have a quick look at the sheet. Wiper blades replaced. Good but they never mentioned that. Headlight washers not working, they've mended those but never mentioned it. Serviced the rear brakes too Nice but they never mentioned that either. Oh and look, and engine map upgrade.

Then I get asked to fill in a satisfaction survey. In front of them.

Ok let's go.

I get home and of course the first thing I try is the Auto lights. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. No different. So I ring them.

When did you mention this Sir? When I booked it, when I dropped it off and when you gave it back to me. Bring it back next week Sir and mention it again and we'll get someone to look at it.

When I dropped it off they asked me if there was anything else. To be fair the only broken thing was the motor, the rest was normal stuff. I said no, it's been fine. Their reply was "REALLY?"

I still like it but glad I'm not paying. It was ready for the service. 20k is quite a stretch. The oil was like tar despite being topped up. The oil condition light was on quite a bit and it felt a bit rough too.

At least it's a had a wash which has reset the High Score for the pigeons that roost in the tree outside!
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What dealership was that? sound cr*p. I think you should steer clear and try another main dealer next time.
Sounds terrible worth a letter to Vauxhall and to the dealer principal
Bristol Street Motors in Chesterfield.

Complain? Why bother. I doubt very much it will make any difference. On the survey where the points were 1 to 10, they told me anything less than an 8 equaled a zero. Long time since I was at skool, but I am pretty sure that isn't right. So I gave them an 8. They looked a bit glum and asked why.

I said, that's all I can give you - compared to Toyota. Funny thing is that one of the guys from Toyota left recently and went to this dealership at the same time I swapped to Vauxhall.

I shall give them some verbal feed back when I go on next to have these things done. Again.

Feels a bit more zingy since I got it back. There was some sort of ECM twiddling according to the service sheet. I shall try it for a bit although the MPG is dropping already. Then I shall stick the tuning module back in and see what happens.
Ha ha ha, got a call yesterday. Vauxhall Customer Services.

Ahh I thought, about time. Here we go...

Not quite. Hello, just ringing to see how delighted you were with everything on a scale of 1 to 5. One being utterly delighted and 5 being ecstatic.

A reality check via telephone ensued. Phone rang again today. It was the branch offering to fly to the moon and back to fetch me a cup of Unicorn's tears to have with my Fairy Wings on toast.

They are going to collect the car, do the work and bring it back. Seems Vauxhall Central get quite cross when customers aren't leaving the branch in a state of euphoria.

I also complained about the oil being as black as pitch in 4 miles. I know it's a diesel but utterly black in that distance says to me they either didn't drain it properly or they sucked what they could out of the dipstick tube as seems to be the case now. I was assured it had been done properly but they'd gladly do it again for me.

We chatted about oil. I have 4 cars of my own on the drive besides the Antara and have been doing my own services for over 30 years. He decided not to BS me. He admitted that there have been issues with cars, oil and these long intervals especially those in cities and those on Motability where there can be lots of short journeys.

20k miles is a long interval. Cars that are not doing good high miles at speed are suffering with DPF issues and an increase in fuel being released into the oil, degrading the quality. I made it to just under 20k before I had to book it in. The oil was like pitch and I couldn't just keep topping it up. I think I shall run it in at 15 k next year.

We'll see in a week or so. No idea what the service cost, I might ask. But I bet I wouldn't be happy paying it myself.
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Well complaint worked did it not
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Hi All,My Antara has just turned two, so started collecting prices for service, ranged from £345 to £495. My local family owned dealer has sold out to one of the big boys but ever wishing to keep my custom they offered to do it me for £300. Then I asked about my 15% Drivers Club discount and yes they could do that, then I mentioned the introductory £25 off and of course they could also do that. Great I thought.
Then came the day and standing at the desk, yes the price was £300 but oh no could not get further 15% discount, after much discussion they agreed to the £25 discount as well so £275, still robbery.
So far nothing we are not all familiar with, but where it gets interesting is that like others on here the lacquer on my wheels is starting to discolour around the centre caps. I mentioned this when they checked the fuel pipe some weeks ago and they promptly replaced the centre caps assuring me that this would cure the problem. Eventually they photographed the wheels and sent them to vx. I had all but given up on them when this afternoon out of the blue I get a call, vx have agreed to replace, not refurbish the four wheels and they were ordering them in. I was almost lost for words, a refurb of the centre of the wheel was what I hoped I may get but new wheels it must be an early birthday present.
However time will tell, watch this space as they say.
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Car was supposed to be picked up for 5* treatment today. Rang them - was on hold for 5 minutes. You're next they said, before 11 for certain. It's gone 1/4 past. No sign yet. I can imagine the conversation whilst I was on hold.

It's who?
Pick up? Damn. Completely forgot because we never write anything down.
Who can go and fetch it?
No one free
Let me think.
Tell him he's next
Ok will do
What if he rings again?
Tell him the car collecting him broke down
Will he believe that?
Are you serious......
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Ha ha they just turned up. Bloke they sent couldn't reach the pedals. I know I said, that's because the seat motor doesn't work and precisely why you have come to pick it up.
Just a quick update. They rang me at 17.00 Can we keep it overnight? Only we can't get the seat bolts out because the seat is as far back as it will go and that covers the bolts. What, and you have only just found this out? Oh yes and can we ring you again about the lights etc because we're not quite sure about these either. Well clearly I shall be giving them a 10 on the score card when I get it back. I just know that all the faults will be fixed to my complete satisfaction. Good job we don't run our business like this. I'm not cross, just staggered at their ineptitude.
My local dealer is no better ...until you mentioned the dealers name I thought it was mine!
In fact they must have been worse because Vauxhall refused to renew the franchise!
Every service has been the same..
Well all VX dealers seem to be cowboys. When I took my car in for the first service, the price was supposed to cover wash and vac. The car was returned dirtier than when I dropped it. When inquired, was told that was and vac was not available due to lack of staff. Shouldnt they have told me this when dropping off? Still charged me the full price though. Not a happy bunny!
It gets better. Not turned a wheel in it since they dropped it on the road outside. Missus took it today seeing as the seat is fixed. All the airbag warning lights are on. So it must have been like that when they delivered it. I'm guessing they have disturbed the seat belt tensioner pyro or something.

Good grief.
Have they fixed the auto lights as well, as myself and another member had the airbag warning light on all the time after a garage sorted that out. So it may well be due to that. Was quick visit back in for them to reset something took them a few minutes.
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Yes, as posted - the auto lights now work properly. But the imitation DRL function has gone. They had to change the seat base because the motor packed up and I think it''s this that has set of the pre tensioners.
You wouldn't think that you could really have an update to this..well...

Had to go to Peterborough in it yesterday with the airbag lights on. First thing I notice is that the Cruise doesn't work anymore! They took it way this morning. It's back with no report or explanation. I asked the guy was it all fixed. I don't know he said, I hope so, well it seems ok ....

Good grief.
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