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2012 BC function... Op-com

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I've just bought a 2012 exclusiv antara.
I was surprised to find there's no trip computer! Having googled this it seems like a common issue? Further more after trawling through a lot of post on forum sites I can't seem to find a definitive answer.
Can the bc function by buying an op-com tool which from what I've read only goes upto 2010 models? Or has anyone done this in the same year as my car?
If anyone has expirence using one of these tools is there anything else that can be activated to make the investment more worth while?

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Hi there. I have a 2013 exclusive and just had my trip computer/BC activated by my local VX dealer. It's worth asking at the dealership you use as I know that they can do it. Hope this helps
thanks for the reply, i did read your post saying that yours had been activated. I just wasn't too sure if my car actually had the hardware already installed being an earlier version but just needed activating.
Your model just needs activated too. Not to sure about VX opcom software that you can buy from amazon etc but according to others it does work.
Hi, is it the 4x4 version ? as I have a 2012 Exclusive and the trip computer is standard fit.
I would take it to the dealer and ask why it is not working.
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