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Hi all, really need somebody’s help! November 2021 I bought a 2012 (62 plate) Antara 2.2 CDTI SE NAV MANUAL which currently has 120,000 miles. Drove perfect for the first 2 weeks, but then found it struggled in higher gears and was losing power. It was also a bit ‘chunky’ changing gear.
I took it back to the dealer, who said he had it checked and all was fine.
Reported the same issues but getting worse and was ignored by the dealer.
March this year, it started to crunch in various gears, but I did very little driving so figured I’d get it looked at soon. Went to drive it April 11th 2022 and it banged twice and jerked forwards. I was stuck pulling out of a busy junction, so tried moving forwards again and it did the same but refused to move forwards.
There was a stench of clutch burn too. I could put the clutch down and put it in any gear, then lift the clutch but it didn’t move and didn’t stall either.
Called AA and the guy said clutch has gone, but to get it looked at to see if just clutch or mass flywheel.
I’ve phoned a few garages and they say the diagnosis will be expensive as it’s the same amount if work involved as if they were replacing the clutch, is this really the case? Nobody has looked at it yet, but have been quoted an average of £1500 to replace just the kit.
I used a website that lets garages bid for the work, the bids ranged from £690 to over £2k including all parts and labour?!
Any advice please? I love this car, but unsure wether it’s worth asking a garage to look at it, but still paying off the loan I used to buy it :(
Much appreciated
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