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2 years on and 2nd service done.

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I have now had my Antara for 2 years so far its all been plain sailing.

Apart from the dpf light coming on twice which I cant complain about considering most of the week it does town driving. The only other issues have been rust on the tailgate and flaking lacquer on the alloys. Both have been fixed without any drama by the dealer.

All in all not bad in two years and 25k miles later. In that time the car BC is showing 30.2MPG again not bad considering the type of driving we do.

The second service cost me £290 and what a difference it has made. Very smooth and quiet and more get up and go and thats without me putting my racechip box back on. They also spent time and lubricated the gear linkage properly and now the gear change is the smoothest it has ever been. The 1st and 2nd gear stickiness is almost gone its just a pity it took 2 years to get it like this.

The brake pads are down to 40% and I will need a couple of new tyres so hopefully all I will need to spend on it this year will be a pair of tyres the brakes will last another year.

While it was in for the service I also had warranty work done on rust spots on the tailgate which is looking good and I had the pipe recall checked out.

After 2 years I still enjoy driving the Antara It looks good and does everything I need it to do without any dramas. I have looked about and thought about what I might replace it with but at this point in time I honestly dont know what I would buy. Nothing stands out that would be better than my Antara for the same money. While the Antara is fault free and still looks and drives like new I will be keeping it for at least another year.

What happens this time next year depends on what how the Antara is going and what is available to replace it with.
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Hi Grumps. Just coming up to my first service and car has done just short of 12,000 miles. I have some flaking lacquer on one wheel and the gear change is a bit clunky between 1st and 2nd too. All in all though it is great to drive and performs well. Just back from two weeks caravanningin Cornwall where we towed our Lunar Clubman.Must say the car did it with ease. 21mpg when towing. Averaging 32.4 overall since I got the car though andlike you have done I am thinking of a racechip but after the service has been done
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Hi Liddy,Looks like we get similar mpg when towing. I would push your dealer with regard to the wheel problem, mine took photographs to send to vx it took weeks but eventually they changed all four wheels.
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Hi I have thesame issue with the alloys flaking, dealer took some photos, waiting for them to get back. My Antara is now 18mts old and tows like a dream.
Looks like the wheels flaking is going to become an ongoing problem, lets hope that vx recognise this and do something about it for everyone.Good luck
Have just had the service done today. No problem over the flaking paint, took photos and have sent it off to Vauxhall. Mentioned the issue over the clunk from 1st to 2nd gear and was initially told it was normal until I complained and they are going to investigate further so will wait to see what happens with this one. Just received my Racechip today to so will be fitting it tomorrow to see how that goes.
Have had a call from local Vauxhall dealer today and Vauxhall have agreed to allow investigation of the gearbox and clutch under warranty due to clunky gear change. They suspect a dragging clutch? Goes in for strip down in two weeks.
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