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1yr Down the road

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Well the antara is one year old now and just had its first service £274 and no issuses reported.
Done over 16k todate and had only a few problems, faulty heated seat button and a mass air flow sensor replaced. The DPF seems to do its thing every 500 miles or so and after initially been paranoid about it just let it get on with it. The car is doing 32mpg which to be fair is poor but i can live with it, mix of round the doors and a motorway trips to work. The drive i think is good for such a tall car and on a long trip you arrive fresh and can step out with feeling all aches. The kids have plenty room in the rear and they are not complaining all the time which is a bonus as we are intending to to drive to France and switzerland in the summer.

The build quality of the car is sturdy and nothing has fell off yet but a word of warning, the other day the wife was driving adround a corner when the door flew open with no indication it was not secure. It then happened again further on, turns out that the door handle when pulled was stuck out and she had notnoticed causing the lock to be open, WD40 seems to have sorted but could have been serious.

the car seems fairly capable off road and performed ok in the snow recently for a soft roader, think the ground clearence could be better and i have actually reduced the front scoop to about 2cmand it looks better i think

been driving 30yrs and had a wide variety of cars and all in all forvaue for money i am pleased with the car, are there bettercars? yes, are there worse cars? absolutely, would i buy another? yes
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That's a fair and honest review. It's done what it's supposed to without any fuss.

I think the issue with the door handle us something that everyone should look at now that the same issue has cropped up twice in the same day. It might be worth it if everyone got hold of a tin of WD40 and gave them an oil.
JR123 said:
Mine was a year old yesterday and had its first service, I don't know the cost as I have a service plan. The car was washed and cleaned and a litre of oil supplied.

I had no issues reported back from the service and the car has never missed a beat in the year of ownership. The car has averaged 35.2mpg over mixed of driving and this is fairly accurate as it's from my road trip app. I am fairly satisfied with the economy, yes it's not as advertised but I've never owned a car which has returned the advertised figures. I have had no DPF issues in the year, it's done its thing when it's needed and I haven't had any warning lights etc....

This is the first SUV I have had as my everyday car and I have found it extremely comfortable, with an excellent driving position making it very easy to drive. The heated seats helped me no end last year when I was waiting for back surgery. The xenon lights are probably the best lights I have had on a car and light up the roads perfectly, The car has a presence on the road and can give a few a surprise at the red light drag race.

A few things I would change would be the sat nav location which should be swapped with the computer display or moved higher, crusie control controls being on the steering wheel, permanent disablement of the Eco button as I don't really see the point in it as makes no difference to my mpg but does reduce power, reversing camera would be nice like on other GM models, folding mirrors on the key (personal preference coming from VW / Audi group cars), auto door locks and proper DRLs may help during daytime for those driver that struggle to see a car of this size.

The car so far has been one of the best I have owned and I feel the all round package of the SE-Nav and discounts available offers value for money. I may get called a 'fan boy' (I think that's the term used by some on another forum....) but I have had no problems with my car, other than cretins that can't drive and/or pass the vision part of a driving test! The car has also coped with everything it has been asked to.

The Antara is not the best SUV available on the market, but at the price point I am struggling to find an alternative with similar kit and AWD. Would I recommend the car, probably, but with a huge health warning to do plenty of research and make sure it will suit the type of usage expected. Here hoping to another year of trouble free motoring.
Your just a fan boy
have you not read the reviews from the motoring press how dare you think its a decent car and as for the DPF its just a flawed botch job thrown together by Vauxhall and don't get me started on the mpg imagine only getting 35mpg you should be getting at least 50. Or you would if you had bought something else.

Anyway nice review again I thought I would add the above comments so certain people don't have to go to all the hassle of re registering so they can come on the forum and try and take the p***. Some people need to get a life.
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Like that grumps get sick of hearing the knockers jump on, if they hate the car so much get rid and get summit else to complain adout!
Got a toyota hilux twin cab aswell real off roader so whats your point, it was just a little review
The bitching and moaning crew that were nasty at that time and most probably at the present time, are the type that are never happy with their lot no matter what, unlike some of us that look for the best and enjoy things, the recent reviews have been fair and that's the way it should be. As for gay fake off loader that means happy and delightful. Plus they gits kept picking on me, but that was their big mistake. So be happy and enjoy your Antara that's what a car owner is all about.
Thanks for clearing that up but I wont loose any sleep
Thankfully nearly everyone that uses this forum are fairly realistic with their expectations on what the Antara is and should be. Unfortunately a few people are not and make an arse of themselves. If that makes us all fan boys then fair enough better that than being bitter.
I read a lot of the stuff on hear and there some negative people spouting off, but they bought the cars so whats that tell us about them! And when the reply is we are in denial I just laugh cause if I thought the car was crap I would get rid, hence thats why my 1yr old quashqai went the journey when it wouldnt get off the drive in 2inches of snow
I am very pleased with my Antara,does everything I want and dosnt cost the earth.
I second that. Happy happy happy, and I haven't got my head stuck up my bum I am realistic, and so far not any serious problems
I've owned mine for nearly a year now and it was bought for everyday use driving from Glossop to Bradford on a daily basis (new Job)!!

It has only had one niggle, which is an on going saga with the rear windscreen washer jets getting blocked. But this is no show stopper.

Been seviced twice (from online booking servicing) and not had a jot of an issue with its every day performance. It has go a racechip fitted, giving me an average consumption of 39.5 miles per gallon over the recorded 9000 miles (since I fitted it)

Bought one set of tyres for it and from the previous owner have found out that the rear tyres i changed, were the original fitted when new (I bought it with 29000 on the clock). Don't expect to get this amount of mileage out of the tyres, but anything above 15,000 would be well received.

I enjoy its ride height and the way it can plough through any weather chucked at it. It is comfortable, warm and safe. Granted the dashboard is a little boring, but who spends all day looking at it.

Well satisfied with it and intend running it until its drops. I also have a 3.2 V6 Alfa Brera and for those who complain about consumption, that does about 15 miles to the gallon (if I'm driving like miss daisy)
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Well - for me it is one year down the road - and a parting of the ways. You will get no bitter recriminations from me, as for the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed owning and driving the Antara. I well remember the excitement of waiting for the delivery, and tracking its voyage all the way from Korea on the good ship Fidelio, in the company of Antarius and others. I have enjoyed sharing experiences and stories, firstly on the "dark side" forum and latterly on this one! I have covered 14,000 miles safely and in comfort, loving the high seating position and the feeling of being planted securely on the road, whatever the weather, and the heated seats have been most welcome on several occasions! Certainly, the mpg (showing on trip B which I have left running throughout as 31.3) is not the best in this age of modern diesel engines, even allowing for the size and weight of the car, but I could live with that.

Why then am I leaving the Antara? The answer is that, for me, the DPF regeneration process has gone from being a minor annoyance to a real bugbear, to the extent that I find myself watching as the mileage ticks round with something approaching dread! As regular as clockwork, at 500-520 mile intervals it does what it has been programmed to do, and irritates the hell out of me! An example - 2 weeks ago I made a trip to Leicestershire, a distance, as luck would have it of some 510 miles. A regen occurred just as I left , which was fine, but then another one began just as I arrived! Having just driven 500 miles over A roads and motorways there was no way I was taking it for another little jaunt, so I switched off. Having only taken a few short trips whilst I was there it did not complete a regen until I started on the road home a few days later, and - guess what - I was just pulling into my drive after my 500+ mile trip when of course it started another one! All perfectly correct as per the way it is programmed, but an imperfect, clunky pain in the bum!

The truth is I have never really got used to this rigid 500 mile ritual, having previously owned a diesel smax for three years and never noticed a regen taking place. I guess I have just got tired of making pointless journeys to allow regens to finish. So this last week I made the decision, and have taken lengthy road tests in a Honda CRV ( petrol), an Audi Q3 2.0 diesel, and a BMW X1, also 2.0 diesel. The petrol CRV felt underpowered and reported mpg not great. I loved driving the Audi, but boot size and access not the best for Yogi (those who remember from the early days will know that dogs do not get much bigger!). So today I have placed an order for the BMW - not perfect but a good all round compromise. Delivery not till the end of April, so a few more weeks of Antara ownership left, and I will still hang around the forum if you'll have me!
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Sorry to hear you're moving on Pudsey, but you have to do what you think is right for you.

The DPF can be an annoyance and I wish it had been better implemented.

It's almost a year since I got my car too. I won't be getting another Antara either in 2 years when my lease is up. The Antara is no longer available on the Motability scheme. If the new Antara is on the scheme when my lease ends, I would certainly give it a test drive. Otherwise it's a new model for me.

I'm reluctant to start looking for potential replacements for my Antara when I'm still2 years away from the due time, but I have to say that Audi Q3 looks like a good option. Lets hope it is still on the Motability approved list when my time comes for a new car.

Good luck with the new car. I had a test drive in an X1 at the time I got the Antara. I didn't really like the driving position and the pedals seemed in a awkward postion. Also the extras and accessories seemed very expensive. Being a BMW I'm sure it's put together well and will give you many happy hours of motoring - DPF allowing.
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Your getting a nice car Pudsey before I bought my Antara I looked at the BMW X3 and to be honest it was my first choice but at the end of the day I couldnt justify paying the extra for it. I looked at doing PCP deals which made it very attractive and probably in the long run I would have been better off because I wouldnt have lost as much. The other factor that put me off was the delivery time. I know I had to wait 4 months for my Antara but at the time the redesigned X3 was just out and the one I wanted the Msport model with the colour coded wheel arches was just being released so the had a delivery time of 8 months or more which I wasnt prepared to wait for at the time.

Good luck with the BMW keep in touch with us and let us know how you get on and how it compares to the Antara when you get it. I would be good to hear your views.

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Thanks guys, and I will certainly be staying in touch with the forum. It will be interesting to see how they compare. I think you would like the Q3 Inchy - it is a lovely drive. I drove the auto version, and the changes were smooth and effortless. As I said, the boot access and shape were no use for Yogi. The only other thing I would say is that the brochure has about 10 pages on the car, and 30 pages of optional extras! The basic spec is quite sparse. Regarding the BMW I agree with you Inchy, the pedals are offset to the right, but having had it for two half days this is something you get used to quite quickly. The spec on the X-Line is actually quite generous now, and has most of the things I want. Like you Grumps I quite fancied the M Sport, which was around the same price, but there would have been an additional 6-8 week wait for that. So the AWD X-Line it is, in the metallic dark orange colour - quite a difference from white!
Sadly it's a shame your going, but you will keep in touch which is great it was a shame that you could not just forget about the DPF and that because of this error of judgment on Vauxhalls part has perhaps cost them dearly for future Antara drivers, I also looked at the X 1 and 3, Audi and Evoke but it was the boot size as I to have a big dog and like her to be comfortable, but Pudsey why stray from WHITE why lol but sadly I must admit the orange is nice.
I wish you well when you get your new car and please post pics ( not the car ) the DOG hehe only kidding both, enjoy the car.
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