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163 SE Nav AWD with Coachman Amara 520/4

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Picked the Coachman up today, pulled it very nicely.

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Looks good there Dawsonm, we bought the Antara with a view to using it as a tow vehicle. We've been looking at the folding tents but looking at some of the set-ups on here, the Antara looks good with a 'van behind it!
Its a great tow car.
Looks a lovely combination, I used to tow a 1700KG single axle van no problems, all the way to Mediterranean and back. The Antara was perfect in its manners at the towing speed limits throughout Europe

Baz i started on the folding conway campers and worked my way up to bigger vans each time.
Iain, think I may start a new topic in the Towing section on folding campers to avoid high-jacking this thread! But interested to hear you opinions/experiences of them...
Cheers all, just got booked in for a long weekend coming up, our first outing
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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