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  1. ICE and Electronics
    Hello I am new hear, Opel antrara 2009 2.0l 93kw I have problem with my android head unit that I bought from aliexpress. Steering wheel buttons dosen't work when headlights are on or on auto mode. But virtual bc buttons works when you press it. Any suggestions how to fix it ? Maybe you had...
  2. Antara Faults & Fixes
    Car just came back from garage and the radio is asking for a pin. Says the full radio system is locked. Where do I find the PIN please? vauxhall antara 12 reg
  3. Antara Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I bought my 13 plate Antara a few months ago and I absolutely love it however I have 2 questions I could do with some help with if anyone can answer them. 1) stopstart sometimes works and other times doesn't, any ideas why? 2) 2 days ago my radio just stopped working, it will not pick up...
1-3 of 3 Results