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Labman123 12th September 2020 09:59

oil in expansion tank
Hi my problem is oil in expansion tank, Antara has been sitting in my driveway for last 5 months, belongs to a family member, so decided to charge up battery, fresh fuel and started 1st turn of key, no black or white smoke from exhaust, no missfires, I sucked most of oil out of expansion tank (about 2/3 ltrs), low level on dipstick but oil is black on dipstick no sign of creamy colour I have seen in previous head gasket problems. So looking on google there is a possibibilty its oil cooler (maybe)? oil/coolent mixing faulty cooler? So thought change oil cooler, top up oil and coolent an see if its still mixing. Jacked up Antara and under car think I can see oil cooler above exhaust and driverside wheel drive shaft - dont think I can get to it from above as deep in engine so is it from below- what do I need to remove to access oil cooler - Antara is a 61 reg and in very good condition, good service record got 96k miles - dont mind spending a bit on it!


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