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paddy 11th August 2017 19:51

hey everyone nice to join the club hope I can help on the forum but now I need help I need to find a intercooler pipe for my 2013 2.2 antara Vauxhall are looking a whooping 250 = vat for a rubber hose ,disgraceful. Does anybody know were I can find oneafter market one and what size it is .cheers Paddy

Victor 11th August 2017 21:12

Hello Paddy and welcome to the Antara forum. There's been questions before about intercooler pipes for the Antara 2.2 engine on here eg so far nobody has come back with any conclusive response. You might want to try GSF Parts (there's a link on here to their site and they give members a discount) but you might find it's a dealer-only part.

Skyjack1 30th September 2017 07:03

I have a 2012 Anatara and the intercooler pipe has 2 splits in it. I also phoned a Vauxhall dealer and was quoted 285 + VAT. Absolutely disgraceful. You can't just buy the rubber hose. Managed to get the hose off the car and am going to my local motor factors to see if they can help this morning. I also have a car performance shop local to me and am going to go there to see if I can get a silicone hose to fit. Its a straight pipe so I think I should be able to get one. That price is as bad as when I had to buy a new car battery from Vauxhall costing me 160+VAT. I'll post on here when I get sorted

swinton 30th September 2017 09:27

Any chance of photo of intercooler pipe for reference

Dulac 30th September 2017 10:50

If it is a rubber pipe you might try a hydraulic hose specialist (e.g. Thames Hose and Couplings in Gravesend) - often on an industrial estate somewhere. They keep rolls of high grade tube designed for JCBs, agricultural vehicles, etc and the specifications are often printed on the side. You will need to take a view on likely temperature and pressure and I am pretty sure the hose people won't accept liability for any failure - but the cost saving should be substantial. Yer pays yer money etc.............

Victor 30th September 2017 17:19

I wonder what boost pressure the Antara develops. I don't think it's all that much, not even 2 atmospheres (~ 29 psi) would be my guess because the boost pipes are only held on by jubilee style clips and I don't think the poly ducts even have a swage on them to withstand the pressure.Mind you, 2 atmospheres doesn't sound much but on a 2 inch pipe it's quite considerable.

Skyjack1 30th September 2017 20:45

I managed to get a replacement pipe for mine today. All sorted now. The old pipe had 2 splits in it and the car is only 5 years old. I also have a 1996 Nissan Skyline and the original pipes are as good as new. Will post a photo of the old pipe tomorrow. I have some spare pipe which is more than enough for another replacement pipe if anyone wants to buy it

Dulac 1st October 2017 00:14

So what did you use and where did you get it?

Satch270 23rd February 2018 15:55

Might sound like a silly question but where is this pipe located in the engine? Vauxhall want 600 to replace this pipe!! I can get one for 58 but not sure where it is. Thanks

Victor 23rd February 2018 22:11

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The intercooler to throttle body ducting sits on the right
hand side of the engine as you look at it from the front of the car. There's a
mixture of alloy ducting and rubber hose as you'll see in the attached pic.

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