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Job done, People!

Thanks for all the a small set of Trim Removal tools which really helped!

Once all 3 visible screws removed (per pics above), panel could then be prised away at the bottom front section, then used trim removal tool to lever other clips free. Door is then 'hanging' off the top section that is slotted down in to the window glass aperture. Lift up & slightly forward to lift panel off.
** Three hands recommended here **
You can easily see the two electrical connections at this point but you're gonna need someone to hold the panel if you want to disconnect them further. I was able to access what I needed to search for the irritating rattle.

Seems my rattle is the vibration of the door lock pin/stick thingy that pokes up through the top of the panel. Mine was slightly worn it seemed, enough to rattle ever so annoyingly. I therefore ever so slightly bent the lever arm it was connected to to make it sit tighter in the access hole......seemed to do the trick.

.......but now it seems I can hear a rattle from inside the housing of the front left side mirror! Next project it seems!!

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