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Question Opinions please... should I get another Antara?

Hi all,

This may seem an odd question on the owner's forums, what are your opinions of the Antara? I really like them, but am now a little apprehensive to purchase one, after buying a 2013 2.2l Exclusiv two weeks ago and there being a bunch of stuff wrong with it (collapsed flywheel and faulty rear differential being the main issues). After an ordeal with the dealership trying to claim I don't have my consumer rights, they finally agreed to a full refund. I heard the flywheel problem is a common fault, but just how common is it? Do Antaras develop more issues than usual, when compared to other cars?

I'd absolutely love one that works, as I love the look and feel of them. I think I just need convincing that they are either reliable, or that they are particularly unreliable cars in order to help me make my decision.

Thanks in advance for any advice or info.

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Hi Phil
A lot of people seem disappointed with their Antaras. But when you read any car forum most people seem disappointed with their particular type of car. I don't think the Antara has been vauxhalls best product. You get that from the residual values which seem low. It not just the car, I do all my own maintenance but parts are hard to come by and expensive. Furthermore you cannot buy a workshop manual, not a legitimate one anyway and vauxhall don't seem to freely give away any knowledge of the vehicles. If you have a problem you have to take it to the dealer and they charge a fortune. Recently my car developed play in the steering column, a replacement part from Germany was £600 and the universal joints are sealed for life. I ended up buying a second hand unit from Lithuania that was the only place I could get one from. So frankly I really dislike the thing. Mine has done 52k, 62 plate exclusive, I have it to tow my caravan and frankly it does that very well. Previously I used a Mitsubishi Shogun, the same as the motorway police use and that was a horrible tow car. Great at towing the caravan up the side of a mountain but that was about it. I would be a little happier with mine if it didn't vibrate at 2000rpm but that is a design flaw and their is nothing I can do about it. So you pays your money, you takes your choice, I would love a Discovery 4, but frankly just cannot justify it. This is the only car I have had that when I return from holiday I'm happy with how the car went. I have no idea when the transfer box is going to give up the ghost but everybody elses has so I'm waiting for mine to do the same.

So thats it, its something you must decide for yourself and if your having to ask other people your clearly having your own reservations. Richy
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Hi Phil

I think you need to ask yourself what you need it for.

If you've got no real need for a 4x4 I.e. towing then the world your oyster and there is a lot of choice for similar money.

Nothing else comes close price wise for another so well equipped 4x4 however.

Second hand cars are always a gamble regardless of make. I cannot think of a single car I've had that a quick web search didn't reveal horror stories.

Bmw's was swirl flaps and gearboxes.

Audi was coil packs and turbos.

Saab was gear linkage and egrs and lots of other bits.

They're all prone to dual mass fly wheels if they're manual and diesel.

Personally if I get rid of this I'll be looking at shoguns which drink or a vw touareg which is getting on for 3 times the cost at a similar age.

What's on the short list?
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My Antara advice would be to buy as new as possible they screwed the later stuff much better together and avoid auto and 4x4.
Transfer boxes are made of chocolate and differentials whilst better are not great. Auto gearbox is hampered by poor fuel and lazy software.

Fwd avoids the expensive issues of 4x4 models even engine oil leak reseals are just a few hours labour. After that the only stuff you might get are common to all dpf equiped modern diesels.

Stick to a diamond FWD and you get leather off the SE and blue tooth. Cruise can be fitted in 15 mins diy.

I plan on towing with mine and reviews seem very favourable on here and with my customers.
I do tow a trailer tent but thats no comparison to a caravan however its so far proven to be dramatically better at towing than any previous car I have owned.

I can honestly say having had three that they are such a good all-rounder, the cabin and controls really well placed. Other than a slightly fiddley radio you could drive these blind folded if you know what i mean. You can say that about most modern cars with their haptic feed back buttons and touch screens. The only down side for me is they are a bit thirsty but I accept that being almost two tonnes and a big frontal area.

Mine is a 2016 fwd and so far ESA shows no warranty work and only one recall for the under tray. Mine is a fvsh 1 previous owner car that I bought from the suppling dealer when new. It was less than 8k when I bought it in June 2020. This I feel is amazing value.

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Sensible advice smith 100s. Certainly buy as new as possible, but they stopped making them about five years ago.

However, I have been towing caravans for over 35 years. Towcars were mostly Peugeot diesels, but starting with a 1800cc Austin Maxi, then a Vauxhall Carlton estate 2.0 auto. After that a Peugeot 505 family estate 2.5 diesel then a range of 2.0 diesel Peugeot estates and a a 2.0 diesel 3008 (all manuals). The Antara SE Nav manual is the best towcar out of all of them in terms of quiet power, fuel economy and stability. The AWD facility makes a lot of difference on wet grass and grass or clinker slopes. I am sensible to the shortfalls of complex transmission systems so I try to be careful with regard to the transfer box and wheels. I bought mine in 2015 from a VX dealer, with 2500 miles on the clock, at a bargain price and took the view that it would not be used for short hops and would be serviced by Vauxhall using genuine GM parts and fluids. I never use cheap fuel, only Shell or Texaco, with a fill-up of their expensive stuff every 4/5 tanks full. Just completed a regen at 690 miles from the last one and sailed through the MOT with the original Hankook tyres, exhaust and brakes in place (45 000 miles on the clock). I find my VX dealer to be no more expensive than the man in the railway arch for servicing, but the genuine GM parts are expensive. Membership of the VX Service Club helps a lot with regard to discounts. My VX dealer has the full support and technical library of Vauxhall UK, which can be reassuring.

6th gear is a waste of time unless running downhill - it uses more fuel than 5th, whether solo or towing. Economy when towing is around 32 mpg, which is the best I have had on any car.

Towing at 55mph is very comfortable and economical. Yes, the car is noisy (it is a chain driven engine) and some of the kit is basic compared to the German things on the road, but I bought it for less than half the price of one of those and as I intend to keep it for seven years the resale price is not a major consideration. When the Antara finally gives up what will be my choices for another AWD towcar for a 1500 kg caravan? Volvo? BMW? Audi? Mitsubishi? I will need to win the Premium Bonds first for a three months old used car and all of those choices have their own problems, without being scared stiff of scratching the paintwork in a shopping mall car park or scuffing the leather with a stack of 4 x 2 timber from the DIY store. The Antara accommodates all of that and I don't lose sleep over it.

Ignore the trade reviews for the Antara - they seem to be based upon the pre-facelift models and are made by journos who are used to driving top-end vehicles with a nice lunch thrown in for good measure in the south of France. The proof of the pudding, etc. If they were still being made I would certainly consider buying another as a replacement. As for an electric towcar to pull 1500kg for 130 miles without a break - forget that for a while.

2015 2.2 CDTi SENav 163ps manual 4x4 in Carbon Flash with 19\" alloy spare towing a Bailey Unicorn III Madrid @ 1500kg.
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