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andy 1109 30th March 2019 19:33

tow bar wiring
Hi all
I have just got my first 2013 Antara 2.2 auto and to day I have putting on the tow bar on
And I have just notes’ there is a tow bar wiring junction box at the back
Where do I get the connecter for this?
Thanks Andy

pranster 30th March 2019 19:36

ebay 292567665279

andy 1109 30th March 2019 20:01

tow bar
Thanks :
I have got the 13pin wiring harness just need the connecter

Dulac 31st March 2019 12:20

Make sure that your installation charges the battery and runs the fridge when towing.

Richy 13th May 2019 05:27

Hi I'm looking for the same connector. My Antara, recently purchased with towbar, has what I can only describe as a universal towbar wiring loom which is connected inside the boot. My issues are that it doesn't give any indication that the caravan indicators are working and I was considering if I could connect the wiring into the cars proper wiring loom with the appropriate connector. So I need the plug. Does anyone know where one can be bought from ?. Richy

martinbrown324 4th July 2019 13:21

I need a suggestion that which towing trailer is best for car towing service we have to use that for Manhattan 24 Hour Towing. any suggestion will be appreciated.

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